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Thread: Worm problem!

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    Doesn't bait generally outperform a fly - if you're fishing a worm pattern they are fishing what you're imitating. One time a fly outperforms is a hatch.

    I can understand them catching more than you if they're using worms. But it seems odd that not only do you get none when they are there but even after they leave. I wouldn't think they hook enough or spook enough to put all the fish down. Anyone know why this might be? Is it a really small area?
    - William

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    Hello All

    To Williamhj, I consider it a small area, and all action will slow after about an hour of heavy carnage. From what I see these guys march up making more noise and waves than a battle ship, throw in a piece of magic and will catch within minutes of the cast. It amazes me, who takes about 10 minutes to advance 20ft.

    To others. I called the DEC a while back, while stocked, anything you want to do is legal in the tidal part, corn; canned, frozen or popped, open all year, no license required. You can use double treble hook lures that tear the eyes, throats and lips off and out of the fish. While keeping brookies is not allowed anymore effective this year all you have to do is say is "Sorry! I thought they were browns." The only thing you can't do in the river is pee, poop or throw fish entrails within 200 ft of the banks (the first of which I do).

    Anyway, I appreciate all your jokes about NY and the wormer/bait fishermen. I learned right away that the majority of them are not fishing with the heart and soul that a fly guy does.

    I googled fishing with san juan worms and ended up back here on a good thread about it. I'll take your above advice and that of the old thread and give it a go. While I consider it to be the low end of our type of fishing, I'm going to try to use them for these times.

    I am amazed at you guyz's knowledge of this river and the other rivers around me. If any of you are ever nearby, give a shout and I'll get you fishing.

    Thanks again for the help, Stewart
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    IMHO, I think that you have to put a little more effort with the tying and presentation?

    I out-fish the "bait" boys all the time..... even opening day! You have to use something the trout would hit in a heartbeat. My fave is a tungsten beadhead woolybugger. You have to use high quality marabou and the correct hackle. And you have to use a good fluorocarbon tippet with a small diameter. The bugger has to hop along the bottom and pulsate like crazy!

    San Juan worms are only a cheapo imitation that float along and hope a stupid trout will grab it?

    A flyrod makes the best presentation! It will out-fish a spin outfit every time! You could use a small live worm on a micro jig-head to build your confidence ..... then switch to a streamer and really catch a lot?

    I've been through this, my friend, and when you get the knack ..... your flyrod will rule!

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    Default Re: Worm problem!

    Are your flies deep enough? Can you feel your fly/flies bouncing off the bottom? Also, what is the water quality? Are there mayfly, stonefly, and caddis hatches? Flip over some rocks and see what you can find. Have you tried any midge patterns? Midges are one of the most prevalent insects. Where I fish (midwest) my go to pattern is a zebra midge or a blood midge.

    Also, since they are stocked fish, look for a pattern that imitates the pellets they are fed. Search "Trout Pellet Flies" and pick one you think will work. I heard of people using BH prince nymphs with brown vinyl ribbing material for the body for stocked fish.

    Anyway, Some food for thought and I hope this helps.


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