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    Default Spring Road Trip

    Well I was getting cabin fever at work and decided it was time for a spring fishing trip.Talked to my brother and we decided to meet in Gunnison,Colorado and fish the Taylor and Gunnison rivers.We had an awesome 3 days of fishing. The weather did turn on Sunday and we only fished for part of the morning due to the wind. But we did manage to hook up with a few fish despite the very windy conditions.

    I was lucky enough to hook up with a good fish out of the C&R section of the Taylor.. It wasn't one of the monsters that this part of the river is known for, but I was very excited to land it.

    Here are a few more pictures of some fish that we landed...

    We had an awesome trip and met alot of cool people..Cant wait to get back up there and chase those big fish.

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Flyfishnbum: Congrats on what looks like a very successful early spring fly fishing trip with some gorgeous trout!

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Geezers, I need a bigger net.
    Beautiful fish, beautiful photos. Wonderful memories!

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Beautiful Fish Guys I agree Fishing Beats Working any day.

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Thanks guys...It was an awesome trip and it was definitely a learning experience trying to get those big fish to eat with the amount of pressure that they receive.

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Nice pics. I would take those fish all day, every day!
    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    absolutely gorgeous rainbow trout...

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    They were the most colorful rainbows I had ever landed, the browns were just as colorful. Eating those Mysis shrimp sure give them some awesome color.

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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Great report. Thanks for sharing.

    I thought i was set on moving to Breckenridge, but, im starting to like Crested Butte and Gunnison.

    Thanks again.


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    Default Re: Spring Road Trip

    Ya the Gunninson area is slowly turning into one of my favorite places to fish. There are so many options of places to fish, its kinda nice to be able to change it up once ina while.

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