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    Default San Juan In August

    Being currently deployed but should be getting home in august. I live in Clovis and want to try the San Juan when I get home. I will have a lot of stuff to do when I get home (Rent a house, move in, buy furniture, spend time with the puppies and the girl) so I won't have much time but I reckon I'll have a weekend to myself to fish and I want to catch some decent fish. any advice will be welcome. hardware advice, tackle, location by PM , flies , techniques?

    My current hardware
    7'6" 2 Weight RDP custom made
    9' 5 weight Cabelas Ltech
    10' 7 weight Orvis Clearwater II

    Thanks everyone for any and all help

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    Default Re: San Juan In August

    Kyle: First off thank you for your service! If you haven't fished the SJ before, this will be a tough indocturnation, maybe think about getting a guide for a half day to show you the ropes. Those fish get pressured all year, but especially in the summer and feed primarily on midges. The summer months are always going to be the toughest due to the crowds, if you can hold off I'd recommend going in late Sept-Nov after the summer crowds have gone home (even then I wouldn't go on a weekend). As an alternate approach, if you have to go while the summer crowds are there, I'd go real early, be there on the water before sun up so that you can get in the water at first light. The crowds won't show until about 8 am with all the guides. I'd use your 5 wt rod with a floating line, a 9 ft 5x leader and 6x fluor tippet. For flies you are primarily are going to be using either very small baetis or midges in size 22-26. Flies like WD-40, RS-2, sparkle wing RS-2, craven's juju baetis, dorsey's mercury midge, blood midge, black beauty, Garcis's rojo midge. If you use an indicator get the smallest one you can find, maybe that white foam fold over pinch on stuff or try a dry/dropper rig. The flows there are not real fast so you won't need a lot of weight to sink the flies. In the meantime, google the san juan river forum and spend sometime reading and asking questions. There is a campground right on the river and a few up on the reservoir, you might think about getting there in the afternoon so you can explore different access points and maybe fishing late afternoon as the crowds are getting off the river to hit happy hour or dinner, then you will have a better idea for hitting the water at first light. Also get yourself a really good pair of polarized sunglasses, this is a perfect river to sight cast to fish rather than blind casting.

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    Default Re: San Juan In August

    There are some big fish in the san juan, and the average fish is about 17 inches. They are hard to catch at first, so you really have to figure it out with a guide, or on your own. The only thing I would add to mcnerny's post would be to try big streamers.

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    Default Re: San Juan In August

    Kyle hope you have a safe deployment and thanks for your service. Larry gave some great advice on how to get started fishing on the San Juan.. A few things that I might add are definitely don't get discouraged by the summer time crowds, a lot of the fisherman hit the main runs on the river and the new construction in the braids and ignore other spots that can fish just as well if not better. The hatches in the evenings in the summer time can be awesome, like Larry said a lot of the people will leave for dinner and you can have a lot of the river to yourself. The San Juan has been stocked very heavy the past few years so getting on fish won't difficult but getting on the large fish can be tough, there are some many small fish it can be tough to get flies to the bigger fish. When you decide to head out here definitely send me a message on here and I will let you know how fishing has been and if I am around when you come, I would gladly show you around the river.

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    Default Re: San Juan In August

    I probably shouldn't say this, but the Juan fishes best in the winter, when there's no one around.

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    Default Re: San Juan In August

    I'm on the Juan a lot, my man. 30-40 days a year. All of the above comments are right on.

    You'll want to use your 5 weight for sure. There are several shops on the river that will have plenty of flies. Whatever you have be sure you have a good selection of RED midges in sizes 20-24. I fish 6X Fluoro most the year if I'm midging. Only go to 7X if you're absolutely sure 6X is still scaring 'em off. Usually 6X fished to hungry fish will have you on fish all day. If you're throwing streamers, fish 0X. No reason to go smaller as if they really want a big meal, the last thing on their mind is the tippet size.

    As the administrator stated above, the wading only section of the quality waters is a sight-fisherman's paradise. Look for the big boys that are on the feed to increase your success rate of big fish hook-ups. When you get closer I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.


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    I posted a vid from the Juan from just last week under the "Fishing the U.S." threads in the Rocky Mountain forum. I wasn't sure if I should put it in cold-water fishing or there. Won't re-post it here so that it isn't repetitive but check it out if you have some time.


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