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    post some stories and or photos please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lrharge22 View Post

    I think going to the San Juan in New mexico then into southern Colorado would be the easiest for where i am coming from and for time and money purposes.
    Hard to argue with that choice! Sounds like a plan.

    Now time to start cramming - and I'm not talking about your schoolwork, although I suppose that's important too.

    Read as much as you can on tailwater fisheries in general, they are a completely different animal from free-running rivers (went through this personally moving from PA to UT). And I'm sure there are books, websites, etc. 100% dedicated to the San Juan River being that it is a destination fishery.

    Get ready to do some serious midge fishing.

    Most important of all. Locate the best/closest fly shop to where you'll be going. Chat'em up ahead of time and spend a few bucks there to tap the local knowledge.

    Good luck, tight lines, and look forward to hearing the story!

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    I know for sure i have seen some really nice trout pictures come out of Arkansas. Not the river in colorado, the state. Probably to late but id head that way if i was you, probably less pressure and there are some nice rainbows there for sure.

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    Me and my buddy fished the pecos river east of Santa Fe about this time of year two years ago. We caught plenty of fish from the town of Pecos as far north as you can go on highway 63. We were fishing blind but still caught plenty of fish. Take a look at it.

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