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Thread: Nice fighting rainbow video i found

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    Default Nice fighting rainbow video i found

    Hey everyone, fishing is closed in all rivers around here for may and the ice isn't out for another couple days so no lake trout fishing yet. I just purchased a new computer and i have a couple go pro cameras. I just found a video of my first outing with my first go pro while i was uploading video. I will post up the link because it made me happy it was a fun fish. Note the ease of the hook coming out of his mouth almost all of my trout fishing is barb-less. (sometimes forget to pinch them) What do you guys think of the handling? I turned the volume up a bit in parts so you could hear some key things including us discussing the state of the fish. Out of water hold is a little controversial and honestly i think i am going to stop doing it. I have enough out of water shots. I still don't think its that bad if you know how to read the fishes condition and keep it brief, just unnecessary. Watch in the highest quality you can i looks bad otherwise.

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    Default Re: Nice fighting rainbow video i found

    Handling seems OK from here, a beauty of a trout you had there. I do close barbs for C&R trout and other species. When fishing salmon to harvest I use the barbs. Flies I photograph when tying all have barbs.

    I've gotten to the point that few fish are removed from the water for more than a couple seconds. I do a lot of hold by the tail while fish breaths memory shots,

    Nice fish,


    PS. Don't take what I said about the beads on the other thread too personally, many fellows just have not been shown how to use streamers and Spey flies to their best effect. The bead is easy and is what people show to beginners so they catch fish. I just don't agree with their use and so don't use them. I work the interior rivers with traditional flies. maybe sometime you'll come up this way to fish. It's not the Kenai but I manage

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    Good video, but isn't that fish a steelhead, or does it not have access to the ocean? In any case, good stuff man. I think if you're fishing waters that produce large fish in good numbers, it's easier to just get some in-water shots, but for others who fish a long time before landing a fish, an out-of-water picture is totally fine as long as the fish isn't out for too long.

    I've watched biologists tag and measure the landlocks here in VT, they dip them in the water every 5-10 seconds....I try to do the same with all my fish if I'm getting a picture of me holding it.

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    Default Re: Nice fighting rainbow video i found

    Quote Originally Posted by vtmatt View Post
    Good video, but isn't that fish a steelhead, or does it not have access to the ocean?
    Steelhead are rainbow trout. I don't know that there are recognizable differences between resident rainbow trout and steelhead other than that steelhead spend time in the sea.
    - William

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    Default Re: Nice fighting rainbow video i found

    nice video...beautiful fish
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    Default Re: Nice fighting rainbow video i found

    Could easily be a steelhead in that stretch of the river. Probably isn't though im done with out of water shots as well. The state of alaska claims there are no steelhead on the kenai. There are not many, but there are some. 90 percent of the 30 plus inchers (on the kenai)though i believe are not anadromous. The biggest fish i can be confident in calling a steelhead in the kenai was 30.5 and the next one down was 27. That fish would fall right into the average kenai steelhead size range which, to be frank is smaller than what your looking for in the kenai. A little early in this vid to be catching steelhead. Two weeks later is the earliest id expect to see one. The kenai river steelhead debate is a sensitive issue and im pretty sure i know a lot better than the state about whats going on with the trout in that river. Fish and game probably knows these things they just don't want to publicly admit them. welcome to the very political fisheries of Alaska.

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