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    Default Fishing this morning

    Fished the reservoir this morning for crappie and bluegills. First, went for the crappie using a sub-compac Clouser minnow thingy with just a red thread head,,didn't have any eyeballs to use in tying them last night but they worked. Caught 7 keepers in all. About 9 am I started hitting the weeds with first a dry fly, then wet flys and then an olive mini bugger...lost count but musta caught 2o bluegills. Keep 10 of the bigger ones along with the crappie (they were all keepers) The olive mini bugger really had them bumping into each other trying to get to it. It seemed to attract bigger gills than anything else I tossed.
    So all in all, a decent morning fishing for other than trout.
    Oh yea, one large-mouth on the very small side too, tossed his butt back as I did the small gills.

    Back to the stream in the morning for trout.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Fishing this morning

    Oh that sounds perfect to me. Good for you. My local bluegill pond (33acres) is already weedy from the chemicals of the fields adjacent. Bums me out but I think I will try again tomorrow. Your reservoir would be a wonderful place to fish. What gear did you use?

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    Default Re: Fishing this morning

    I had similar action yesterday morning with an MM minnow fly that I tied. Lost count on the total fish, but nearly 20 (smallish) LMB, one monster LMB (that broke my tippet), one small walleye, a perch and over 20 gills. My fly had a tail of black over orange marabou and all I had to do was set it in the water and a gill would nail it.

    Water was very clear, so I could see bass chasing it but many times the gills got there first. Because of the water clarity and calm surface, I saw the big LMB hit it and most of his run. Thought he was tired out and brought him in, but he made another run just as I got him close and the tippet broke.

    Good times for sure!

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    Default Re: Fishing this morning

    sounds like a great morning michael
    enjoy your dinner



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