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stimulator2 05-28-2013 02:55 PM

What a weekend
Well to the lake for some tailwater on Friday evening.Things were looking good when i called on the to the lake on Friday evening the water schedule was from 10AM til 11am means we had all the time to fish from daylight til 2pm when the water would rise and wade fishing was over thats good. So had to turn on heat in camper woke to 38 degrees Sat.morning its May 25th and i'm in a sweatshirt with spoty frost on roofs come on.Well me and Eli (my son) head out after Ann decided it was to cold for her and Eli's GF stayed in camper good more fishing for us.Well 6:05 we are at the paking on the private land we have permission to fish getting ready freezing glade i brought sweatshirt,rigging rod can see my tippet on reel to pull it out,Eli grumbling about his tippet won't tie on right,my rod rigginged up putting on fly( it is here where i realize i'm blind early morning light no reading glasses d*** it ),i tell eli to use 3x tippet then tie on a piece of 5x it should work it does,ok finially held my fly up to the light sky bingo got it threaded.We get to the water 6:50.I wade out make a cast fish on Eli yells look out casting fly hits me on cheeck ,nymph embeds in hat bill breaks off luck me neither one breaks skin, it was a rough start but picked up quick fish on the feed.
Heres Eli in his Hoody fishing
later i got this 14"inch rainbow.
The next morning the water was good again but Eli had a migrain and Ann decided it was to cold again so quote Norman Mcclain i fished the big water alone that morning and with Eli not there too say dad i don't like streamer fishing i was on the water at 6:30 throwing a Black Woolly Bugger and the fish wanted it caught two rainbow then notice a small fish in shallow water running for its life and something after it so i cast that direction and to my surprise after 19yrs of fishing this river i hook into the first ever Brown that i have caught here and he is 15 1/2"
All the locals say that is about as small of a brown you catch out of there but i knew they were there now to go hard after them.It was a good morning as i cuaght 17 fish 10 on the streamer.
Finally we got Ann out with her sunburned feet that eveninng but it was warmer and the fish slower but done ok..WHAT A WEEKEND

diamond rush 05-29-2013 08:05 AM

Re: What a weekend
Great report! Beautiful fish and scenery.

My goal for this summer is to explore more tailwaters and leave the mountain trout alone during the hottest parts of the summer.

Although, it's tough to justify driving 2.5 hours to the good TN/NC tailwaters when the Smith River is just an hour away.

two_nymph_rig 05-29-2013 02:12 PM

Re: What a weekend
Great report, bad grammar. Glad to see the family had a fun trip.

South Holston 05-30-2013 04:37 PM

Re: What a weekend
Ah, but the Smith isn't the South Holston.:)

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