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    Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

    I finally bought a better pair of polarized sunglasses last week. No....I could not spend 200 to 400 dollars for Jim Maui or Oakley etc but I did find a pair of Ryders for 80 dollars.

    Great fit, good look and I have not noticed any distortion. Distortion is important in my opinion and I seem to detect distortion easily. I have found quite a few windshields that have slight to lots of distortion. The cheap sunglasses all have distortion and everything looks fuzzy after I take them off.

    So far, the Ryders have not affected my vision. They are a dark amber/bluish purple yet when I put them on, every thing stays quite clear. I hardly notice I have them on when I go to the grocery store. Driving tired out my eyes but not now.

    I am certain that there are some good sunglasses out there that do not break the bank.

    When fishing, I attach floating cords to the glasses and have no fear of losing my glasses when bending over or due to the wind.

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    Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

    I always were my sunglasses when day fishing,,and after seeing the post with the 'hook in the eye' I wear a better pair of safety glass's when my hand is on the rod even with night fishing.

    I do NOT need to experience what that poor lad did.

    Think of it, you would not weed-eat without a pair and stubble is far less dangerous than a barbed hook.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

    Polarized glasses are to fly fishing as depth perception is to baseball!!

    Even if you have sunglasses that are not polarized checkout the Australian company, The Sunglass Fix ( Their SFx Ultimate Polarized Lenses have time and time again out performed any pair of polarized lenses I have had or tested and any lenses of those who I have fished with. If I get a new pair of sunglasses I pop out the new lenses and order a set of these. Also, when browsing the site be sure to check if the SFx Ultimate Polarized Lenses / Lens Tint Color are available for your frame as they don't offer these lenses for every model listed.

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    Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

    Every fisherman needs a pair of polarized sunglasses. You don't need to spend more than $20, but as with most things in life you get what you pay for.
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    Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

    I just went through this. If it wasn't for the 'half off second pair" deal at the eye DR.'s, I'd still be fishing blind. One of the perks of being near-sighted and having just a moderate astigmatism. No wrap arounds or new designer frames for me.

    After the 'up-grade' to the better lenses, coatings, etc, I was happy to be getting away at $225-ish, and that was with mid grade frames. At least I knew enough to get plastic frames. with wide arms near the lenses. There is something fundamentally wrong with having to dunk your glasses to cool them off.
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    I wear progressive lens glasses and a simple $14 pair of clip-ons from Walmart works great for peering at fish in the river - and I can still see to tie knots . . .

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