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    spelThis may be better suited for the "Fly" forum, but I figured more use them than tie them. So here goes.....

    A friend has suggested strongly that I bring some "Purple Haze" Adams with me to Montana this July (first week). We will be fishing the East and West forks of the Bitterroot, the Lochsa, and the Selway among others. I have seen them tied in the parachute configuration. Has anybody tried them in the conventional wrapped hackle style? Which is better? He also told me not to tie them too small, and suggested 14's and 12's. Anybodies thoughts?

    One more question: what is your favorite dry fly flotant?
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    Homer: Yes, I like the Purple Haze in the parachute style, never tried it in a traditional style. 12's and 14's work on the Green so I'm guessing your friend has given you some good advice.

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    Fish see purple really well. It works here in CO so I'm guessing it would work in MT too. My favorite floatant is Aqueal first thing in the morning or whenever I change flies. Then use Moon Dust or Frogg's Fanny to touch up. I've also been playing with Tiemco's Shimmy Shakky aerosol spray and have had great results.

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    And I float my flies with Fly Sauce...pure silicon goodness! I didn't know Jimi tied flies?

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    Homer, the Purple Haze is a parachute pattern. I've never heard of or seen a traditionally hackled Purple Haze. Follow your friend's advice. I don't think it's a magic fly, but it sure has gained popularity out here over the past few years. I still use plain old grey parachute Adams. Sometimes hare's ear bodies.

    There is a guide down the 'Root that made up a pattern he calls the Brindle Chute...just another parachute fly but with a unique body color. His is a secret blend of olive, rusty orange, gold I think. He swears by it, of course.

    Good luck when you get out here! Enjoy the country down there, the forks are really nice streams with great cutthroats. Don't pass up the fishing the middle river on your way to the Lochsa.

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    Here is one that is not tied parachute style. With the soft hackle perhaps it is intended to be fished sub-surface?

    [ame=]The Purple Haze - YouTube[/ame]
    - William

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    For me Purple haze mean something else..... just put purple haze on Google, and you'll see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben664 View Post

    For me Purple haze mean something else..... just put purple haze on Google, and you'll see!
    Yeah, I thought I was going to click in here to see old footage of Jimi Hendrix fly-fishing... upside-down, left-handed of course!

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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