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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    Quote Originally Posted by shotgunfly View Post
    To date most of my trout have been caught on streamers. Specifically krystal olive woolly buggers. I guess the rubber legs add more vibrations and push more water. They're more successful on a down and across and usually get hit on a swing and even an upstream retrieve.

    Love em.
    I've seen those, but never fished them. I'll have to check them out.
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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    I fish wooly buggers a lot, with a fair amount of success, on lakes... I've rarely fished them on streams but a thread like this will cause me to rethink that. Thanks for the great post/great pics.


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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    A woolybugger is the only fly I use now......... and that's for every fish from 'gills to carp!

    Woolybugger, Minibugger, Microbugger, and Nanobugger.

    The tiny buggers use dubbing rather than chenille, and all types of hackle wound in different ways. No weight, lead wrap, chain eyes, beadhead, tungsten bead, bead with lead wrap, and lead eyes. They all catch fish.

    Always a marabou tail (that's the fish catcher)

    For poppers, I use a woolybugger with a foam strip on top. Sometimes a foam strip wrapped to make a head.

    Woolybuggers is all I ever use! I just bring a fly box full of normal stuff only because I like to tie flies?

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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    Anyone that knows me knows the love and respect I have for this fly. In the hands of a highly trained Buggerer this fly is the WMD of the trout world.

    Recent WB fish...

    I was fishing the Bugger on the Frying Pan this last weekend and it was all sight fishing and was spectacular.

    The Wolly Bugger=

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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    I do love the wooly bugger too. I tied this version last year, it worked a treat first time out (last time i was fishing actually - which is sad.

    Sparkle Ghost Bugger - if nothing else, its proof marabou tails are not essential.


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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    Well done sir! Love buggers for trout, pan fish and bass. Great pics. Like others have said, it's one of the main stays of trout fishing.

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    Definitely my fly of choice around here for when the water is a little high and off color. The bigger rainbows on my home stream, wild ones & holdover stockers alike, go nuts for a conehead honey/olive sparkle bugger in a size 4.

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    Default Re: Woolly Buggers for Trout

    I had a fun day of fishing the Yellow Breeches. I was using a tandem nymph rig (woolly bugger and prince nymph).

    Didn't catch one trout but the bass were biting. They tore up my attractor and I was dead on with casting under the overgrown trees and roots.

    This one was smaller. I caught an 11 incher but flopped out of my grip while grabbing my camera with my odd hand.
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    I fish Buggers a lot and while they are warm water fish i caught three very nice largemouth on a #10 Olive bugger just last night.
    They work on nearly everything!

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    look up, tie and fish a woolly bugger variation called the chili pepper. have caught several different species of fish with it, including the biggest rainbow trout i have ever caught. absolutely fantastic warmwater fly too. another favorite variation if you tie is a conehead bugger with a burnt orange tail, brown chenille, orange hackle and some olive floss legs. in my mind, a decent crawfish imitation that has taken multiple species of fish as well.

    here's a link for the chili pepper: Featured Fly Tiers - Warmwater Fly Tyer - by Ward Bean

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