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    Default Re: Fly questions, Where are the pictures?

    Just something of my own design for the spring creek I fish regularly. Bead-head Flashback Pheasant-tail nymph. I tie these regularly in size 14. Here is the recipe:

    Hook: DaiRiki 125 size 14
    Thread: 8/0 Olive-Dun
    Bead: Copper 3/32
    Tail: 6-8 Pheasant-tail fibers
    Rib: Chartreuse wire - small
    Flashback: UTC Mirage - opal, med
    Abdomen: Pheasant-tail fibers
    Wingcase: UTC Mirage opal, large
    Thorax: Peacock
    Legs: Brown-mottled Hen feather

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Fly questions, Where are the pictures?

    This is a general comment and does not apply to anyone in particular.

    Developing fly fishers naturally assume that all trout in a location are feeding on the same item and if they just could get that magic fly, it would solve a lot of their problems. When I was a Newbie, I fell into this group myself. I thought if I just had someone to tell me what fly to use, I could catch fish.

    The fact is that unless the fish are feeding very selectively, many flies will catch it. Not only that, but during non-selective feeding activity, which is most of the time, the fish take many types of food. They are feeding by "sampling the drift". Sampling the drift means that they take all kinds of things into their mouths, and if it is food they eat it, and if it is not food they spit it out.

    Sampling the drift is the method by which the trout become selective. If the same food item comes down the conveyor belt on a regular basis, selectivity develops. The fish no longer needs to "sample" to find food. Instead it begins to recognize that item as food and the fish uses a search pattern to find that item. This is how selectivity develops.

    Developing fly fishers also assume that if one fly takes a fish in a given location, that fly will take all the fish in that area. That is not true either. Fish populations demonstrate behavioral variance, which is a fancy way of saying they act differently. Even when the fish are feeding non-selectively, some fish will take a certain fly and others will not. At the same time there are some flies that will catch more fish than another fly.

    This biological variance helps to explain why, when fishing a 2 fly nymphing system, one fly will catch more trout than another fly, but the second fly still catchs some trout.

    So with those facts in mind lets get back to the non-selective feeding. You can see how telling you what fly caught the trout is not a magic bullet in these conditions.

    One of the best fly fishers I have ever met is Peggy Harrell, who guides on the San Juan. She was so good that when she got bored catching fish, she would purposely put on the "wrong fly" to give herself a challenge.

    I've seen Peggy fish the crowded Texas Hole, arriving there at 11 AM when all the good spots were taken. She would take the worst fishing spot and begin catching trout. Eventually, the guy next to her could not stand it and he would leave, so then she would move into his place and start to take fish. In one hour she had the best spot because the other fly fishers had left.

    What made Peggy so good was experience and the fact that as a woman, she had to be better to get clients. I've fished with her and even when she told tell me what she was doing, she always out fished me.


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: Fly questions, Where are the pictures?

    Quote Originally Posted by kglissmeyer1 View Post
    Just something of my own design for the spring creek I fish regularly. Bead-head Flashback Pheasant-tail nymph. I tie these regularly in size 14. Here is the recipe:.....
    Thanks Kelly!

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    Default Re: Fly questions, Where are the pictures?

    Quote Originally Posted by submariner View Post

    OK, I have been fly fishing for a few years. still a novice at it. but in all these threads I have looked at, I see pictures of guys fishing, guys holding fish they have caught and releasing back into the water.

    That is great. But what did you use and how did you do it. give me a hint on what fly did you use and how you used it.
    Here's the report:

    And here's the fly that accounted for ~75% of our fish...

    #12 Green Drake Sparkle Comparadun

    Just dead-drifting to cover rising fish.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Fly questions, Where are the pictures? thats a post!!!

    I think that fills the bill for what Mr SubM. was getting at for sure...I love the pic of the spinner and the fly on your rod!classic...

    also awesome tie of the FB fez...and of course Mr Sten supplied an artistic approach too...great posts both!

    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
    public water 20"er
    public land pope & young

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    a fish from the river, a rod from the woods and a stag from the mountain , thefts ne'er a Gael was ashamed
    ...and old gaelic proverb...

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