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    great to see, thanks for guiding our youth in the right direction. where in NC are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stimulator2 View Post
    I have a life long friend and when i say life long i mean from before kindergarten.We have fished together went to school together and been friends through it all except he has a drug problem and can't stay out of prison.He calls i chew him out about his kids needing him and he says i know but we are still friends even though i don't agree with his problem.Well he has 9 months left and is on the work crew for my county.I saw his son Zack at a ball game one night and asked if he wanted to go fishing and of course an 8yr old does.Friday rolled around and i went fishing that evening planning on taking Zack on Sat.Fishing on Friday was great but water was high.
    Zacks first fish was a rainbow and soon he had a brown and a brook.
    We were winding down and i told Zack to give his rod to Eli and wade out with me ,i showed him how to hold my fly rod and told him to let the water drag the nymphs and lift the tip and flip it forward ,it was a nice little cast and he was rewarded with his first fish on a fly rod.It was a small rainbow.

    I had a great time with him as did Eli.He chose to stay at my house til his mom got off work instead of going to his grandmothers,so we watched cartoons ,true grit and he ate popcorn and spaghetti.He told me when he left he didn't need his casting rod anymore,I think he might be hooked on the fly.
    very good he have a trout slam
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    Good of you to do that. I got to watch a father son and Dad and daughter last saturday. I could hear they were having fun. I enjoyed watching them

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    Quick evening stop with some family friends. Despite tubers, heavy fishing traffic, splashing, and screaming at high volume, we managed to hook a few little planters for our little river warriors.
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