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    My annual fly fishing/beer drinking/unhealthy eating trip to Yellowstone was postponed to the second week of June this year. I have always tried to hit the park during the last weekend of May or the first weekend in June, but due to a friends bachelor party and wedding, the previously mentioned dates are reserved. Does anyone know if the Salmon Fly hatch on the Firehole lasts into the second weekend of June?

    Damn friends need to get their priorities straight. Everyone knows you don't get married during hunting season and spring hatches!

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    Typically the Salmonflies migrate up the Firehole very quickly and the hatch last only a week at best. This year the hatch should be a little later due to the higher snowpack that we have so far. You may get lucky and still have the bugs out on the Firehole if the snow keeps piling up and we have a cool spring. Only time will tell. Good luck with your trip and you could always head over to the Henry's Fork where the bugs should be in the Box Canyon area around this time.

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    I am going to try and fish some more salmonfly hatches this year than usual, i will have to keep my eye on the firehole, any other good places besides there, the yellowstone or madison rivers?

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    There are lots of other great Salmonfly hatches around and in the state of Montana. I would be happy to give you a rundown of many of them if you want to IM or email me so that I don't get accussed of hotspotting by anyone on the boards. Both the Yellowstone and Madison have salmonfly hatches as you mentioned. The one issue with Salmonflies however is that they are best during high water years and wade fishing can be a bit tough and dangerous when they are at there best. Floating is generally the best way to fish them since you want to fish the flies tight to the bank and you want the water rattling the willows to knock the adults into the water. With snowpacks being what they are right now the Yellowstone probably won't have clean water outside the park when the bugs hatch but you may get to fish them inside the park if you are willing to do the hikes to get into the canyon. God bless the big bugs!!!!

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    I preferred september for lack of crowds, still some excellent hatches then..
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