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    Typically when you see a hook straightened out like that its because you foul hooked the the fin, body, tail whatever. Foul hooking a salmon in the tail or back side usually results in the fish taking off like a rocket.......there is typically no way to control the fish or slow it down. It happens.

    If you get the hook set in the fish's jaw, the hook won't straighten out like that, and you'll be able to get it in control.

    Those salmon run the gauntlet, it's an amazing feat!

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    I've had a carp hooked in the mouth with a tmc barbless wide gap sized eight and it straightened it out...

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    Do carp have a jawbone?? Never tried to catch one. I'd rather throw streamers for smallmouth in the summer. I just can't get into bottom fishing with my fly rod.

    My first time for salmon I straightened a bunch of hooks.... I was told by better men than myself that it was because they weren't hooked in the jaw. As I fished for them more and more I started to understand why.

    It's just the nature of the way we fish for them... It happens.

    Good luck.

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    I can't be sure where I hooked the fish that straightened my hook...because I never saw it... but i would estimate about an 80% chance that it was indeed foul hooked. Foul hooking seems to be a real problem when salmon fishing. Hell, for a lot of people it appeared to be a strategy.

    As I got better at fishing for salmon last weekend I would try to avoid it by retreiving my line more slowly at the end of a drift but it still seemed inevitable sometimes.

    But, I still don't understand why foul hooking would be more likely to straighten a hook than hooking one in the jaw.

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