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Thread: Success today!!

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    Went fishing on the Arkansas river here in pueblo today... Water was pretty murky due to rains and being a tailwater... Was having a little luck here and there with some nypmh patterns.. Then tried a size 16 pheasant tail and boom... Caught a nice 23 brown trout... It is my biggest one yet.. .

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    A Really Nice Brownie.

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    Good job brother! The Pueblo Tailwater is a fantastic fishery and consistently produces big fish. Right now it is touch and go, give it another two weeks or so and it will be on FIRE!!!!

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    Thanks champ... Yeah i like fishing it and its close so thats easy.

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    Nice!! In all the fishing I have done I still have not caught a big brown! I have caught little ones but nothing big. Still fun I guess little or small.

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    Very nice fish!

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    Congrats!I love the color of that brown....beautiful fish!

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    Well done Sir, cracking fish
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    Thats a beauty! Look at that butter belly
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