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stl_geoff 10-27-2013 07:17 PM

Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
Hello there friends, if you've come to read and expect something of the super magnatude that is my storm drain adventures and general warm watter short comings then BEHOLD!!!! You shall be let down!( maybe?? we'll see;) )

So lets preface this fishing goals for 2013...
land a grass carp = check
go after smallies = check
Spend more time in MO for wild trout = check/continuing!!!

I have always really wanted to be able to bounce around the state and catch our trout. Pending where you go, there are some big boys here. I would say though that most of our streams are small spring creeks with 3-10" fish and a couple in there from the 14"+ range abit rare. having a young child makes it alittle more difficult to get out, but the end of this year looks promising.

So let us being the tale of adventures with checking off a spring creek from the list. It was surprisingly larger water then we expeted, and we didnt start at the place I wanted to because of government shut down and someone else had started there. i go to these creeks for solitude ( minus my fishing buddy ) So we went down to an access I have looked at before but never fished. I've driven over it many times going to another area. So we gear up and hit off the bat there are clouds of tricos ( size 24 and smaller ) blowing up and down the creek. 2 casts in my buddy hooks up with his first wild MO rainbow. seconds later he finds out what a real trout can fight like and looses it. He redeamed himself a few casts later with this fish while i was busy catching trees and various grasses.

it came down stream from this lovely little fishy bit of water

**see next post, image limit hit!

In the name of saving time and exploring new, we moved downstream. Lots of long, calm still water, something neither one of us excel at, as proven again by this creek.

Upon finding moving water, i roll a fish but loose it. Moving on, finally I am rewarded with my first fish from this particular stream.

Further down a bit from this guy we come to a big riffle into a pool and its boiling with fish. We figure chub of sorts since thats what they do sometimes. Well, we cast our dries into the stream and are both rewarded with many small but beautiful rainbows, only a few of which were photographed.

Ending the day shortly after, having brought about a dozen to hand we enjoyed the new experiance and a cold beer. Its definitly marked for returning too.

That was ~11 days ago......Saturday I left my house at 4:30 to get in a day of fishing at another blue ribbon trout stream. One that flows thru a state park which has some very nice browns in it I was hoping to catch with a big streamer. Do you know how many people are out at 4:30 on a saturday morning in late october?? 3. 1 random guy, 1 deer hunter, me. :D

I get to the park about 7:15 and meet up everyone at camp, sit by the fire and try to enjoy the cold air. After the morning fish in the park ( i didnt partake in this for once, felt good ) we geared up and drove to an access about 6 miles down the river. I started with a huge streamer but gave up quickly as I couldnt resist the rising from the caddis hatch that was attempting to happen. A few drifts later and bam!! we were on!

Caught a few more bows as i worked down, my buddy usually missing fish. I kept switching back to my big streamer since i could see some huge browns moving around, were talking 20"+ but no dice.

We come to a riffle with some downed trees, nothing on my streamer, but my buddy lucks into this guy

Ahhh!!! beautiful!!

one of his first browns ever. We continue on, find another pool with fish rising, switch back to dries and systemactilly catch every fish in the pool. This being the largest

Then i became comepltely incompatent. My casts were good, my fly danced wildly, i saw a huge slab of yellow turn and a white mouth open, i feel a brief tug of OMG BROWN!!!!!!!! and i completely miss the fly line when i go to set the hook and the fish is gone. :icon_eek: This happens 3 more times on this river in the next hour.... :icon_eek::icon_eek: 3 fish, all in the 20" range...lost because i failed. Then just when i thought my luck was changing, i had a nice brown giving chase a tree branch about 10' long breaks and fall in the water right on top of where my leader is udnerneath...BUH BYE BROWN!!! :popcorn: Time to go back to camp and eat lunch and drink beer.

After lunch and beer, we checked out a spot at the end of the campground where its all wild fish again. Again, no streamer action but the caddis' really started to come off. I switched to a orange elk hair and on my second drift with this fly i was graciously given this golden nugget of nature

Ah yes...small but beautiful!! it made my day. We both continued fishing down the river, fish rising everywhere, cast after cast catching rainbows, only 2 of which i photo'd

^That was my best fish of the evening. Also one of my last. We caught a good dozen fish each. I had one NICE rainbow on that almost took me into backing on its first run but spit the fly shortly after. The evening closed out with Jon landing his second brown of the day

After that, its a good walk back to camp, dinning, some cold beer and the card's game on the radio. i went down and dirty this trip, I slept in the backseat of my truck and I must have been tired. I spelt GOOD but boy was it cold when I got up ( 29* ). The advantage to that was the scenery was wonderful **See next post, image limit hit!!!

So there we first two trips of the fall for trout. This most recent one ended unfortunitly, with my trucks blower motor controller failing, so I had no heat for the drive home ( still dont til i get the part ) but its going to be nice this week so no biggie. Plans include the following for November...deer huntign starts in about 2 weeks ( i think ) and another spring creek is literally across the road from my hunting ground, First week of november they start to stock the local park ponds of rainbows ( i can trout fish at lunch break ;) ) and end of the month I head way south to house sit and chase some tailwater browns and bows. Stay tuned!!!!

stl_geoff 10-27-2013 07:19 PM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
images left from the first post...

First scenery picture...jon and fishy riffle

Next set, what happens when you have a cold fall morning and a 54* trout river

Mike ( mridenour ) was also at the last place I posted up this weekend. I know he'll see this thread so maybe he can chime in with his experiances!

jbird 10-27-2013 08:53 PM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
The coloration of those trout are spectacular!! Thanks for sharing.

ia_trouter 10-27-2013 09:06 PM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
Great pics, thanks for posting Geoff.

stuie675 10-28-2013 04:40 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
Nice, glad someone has been able to get out. I have not touched the water in several months now. Ugh, winter season should be here soon enough.

buddhist_palm 10-28-2013 06:01 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
that was well worth a look, you sure know how to get down in the show me state.

that big bow is awesome as well the scenery shots! Made my monday morning...


mridenour 10-28-2013 06:29 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
Geoff, I didn't catch nearly as many as you. I had a moment of daydreaming at one point and felt something on my line and looked over just in time to see my bugger coming out of a nice brown's mouth. I landed zero browns, just a few smallish rainbows.

I have to admit I didn't fish very hard. I didn't change flies often or cover as much ground as usual. I just kind of relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. I fished inside the park Sunday morning and there were tons of fish holding in the crystal clear water toward the spring. I had a huge buck join me for a while...then he decided that I was not proper company and splashed through the water as he made a hasty retreat. One of the advantages of finding water no one else wants to fish!

I guess I needed to decompress from catching salmon a bit more before I started trout fishing.

I drove around the campground looking for you yesterday morning. I saw a GMC with fogged up windows and would have beat on them to wake you up if I was sure it was you. :eek:

We winterized Rick's camper. Staying in a hotel in a couple weeks when we go steelhead fishing. Wish I would have caught up to you. It was kind of crazy the way the campground got loud when the Cards won Saturday night.

stl_geoff 10-28-2013 06:53 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!

Originally Posted by mridenour (Post 605376)

I drove around the campground looking for you yesterday morning. I saw a GMC with fogged up windows and would have beat on them to wake you up if I was sure it was you. :eek:

haha yep!! That was me! Turns out my buddy's sister came down at the last minute and by the time we were ready to switch the cars around ( so it wasnt obvious i was sleeping in a parking space ) we were all alittle disorientated. :)

Glad you still caught fish, my buddy is still down there, he's coming back today. I walked down to what I think was your site, montana camper, ford superduty with troutn plates??? there was a guy outside breaking firewood, almost stopped to say hi

mridenour 10-28-2013 06:59 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
Yep, that was us. We had a great weekend. Shoulda stopped. That's twice we have been there at the same time as you and still haven't met!

delopez 10-28-2013 08:21 AM

Re: Missouri Trout Adventures!!! Come take a look!!
I'll have many fishing adventures down around your area, this winter. I will have to hit you (mridenour) and stl_geoff up when I get the chance to get away. Should be often!

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