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    While you can't fish the Wachusett Reservoir by boat, you can fish the Quabbin by boat. There are boat rentals at one of the gates. Never tried it, but I've heard good things.

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    Default Re: Where to fish for trout in MA

    Welcome to the forum and to the US. If you like trout thatts cool, but you're a 'Murican now damnit! Bass are almost mandatory. Plus you have pike up there as well as bluefish, tuna and stripers. Buy yourself an 8wt and expand your horizons. Cabelas was selling a nice package, a Redington Pursuit rod and reel for $99. That's basically free and a cheap way to try it out. Add in a handgun, a NASCAR or NFL hat and a pickup and we'll make an American out of you in no time.

    PS Drinking our beer and whiskey is not required. I'd stick with the Scottish stouts and Abelour or MacCallen.

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    Lived in and have been fishing the rivers in mass since i was a kid.
    -The Swift River, Fly fishing only section starts in Belchertown and is a runoff from the Quabbin Reservoir. Cleanest water in the state as far as trout rivers. You can catch fish year round and get descent hatches. Overall an awesome river.
    -The Millers River, Runs through a number of towns in western mass. I like the Orange and South Roylston stretches. Tons of good size Brown trout to be had.
    Theres also the deerfield and a few others i can give you the lowdown on feel free to pm me.

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