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Thread: black friday trout

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    Default black friday trout

    so while the family was planning on hitting up sales i was thinking about taking the drive to trout waters up on the blue ridge, my cousin (who is more like a brother) was down for the holiday and wanted to tag along so we got up early and made the hour drive, the water was crystal clear and the first few holes i normally hit were empty, so i kept moving down stream, and hit a pool that has a feeder creek coming into it and saw a few holding deep. so i tied on a small olive bead head bugger and had a nice sized brook take it a few casts in

    after i pulled him the rest spooked so, and a couple worm dunkers stole the hole and tangled up in my line so out of frustration we headed down stream again, i tied on an egg sucking leech and had another brook take it hard

    and after a couple cast another brook took it

    then i headed down to an old bridge with some deeper water so i put on the waders and tied on a bigger conehead orange flash bugger and they went crazy for it wound up with 4 decent sized bows out of that hole before we called it a day and headed home for some turkey sandwiches

    overall it was a great day, very few people in the park so mostly private fishing, some quality time with a person i dont get to see much anymore and it beats the heck out of waiting in lines and getting trampled at walmart ad 4 in the morning

    hope all had a good holiday, thanks for looking
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    Default Re: black friday trout

    Great day and great pictures! Glad to see some people got out fishing and had success. Thanks for posting.
    - William

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    Good looking fish!

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    Default Re: black friday trout

    That's a really nice resource to have an hour away. Incredibly cool fish.

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    Default Re: black friday trout

    Sweet trip report, thanks for sharing the great looking fish and scenery!


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    thanks for the kind words guys, believe it or not but im not used to my closest trout resource being an hour away, we transplanted the family here about a year from the lehigh valley limestoner area. trout waters were within walking distance

    it was a beautiful day though the weather was about perfect for fishing and it was the first time i got to hookup on some fish with the allen rod and reel my wife got me for my birthday back in august, and the gear is a delight to fish with still cant get over the quality at that price point

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    Default Re: black friday trout

    Hard to beat a day like that! I touched trout the day after black Friday....and today at lunch.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Looks like a fun place to fish! Thanks for sharing.

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