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    I have always tied my own leaders. I use the 60-20-20 formula. Tippets range from 20 to 30 inches depending on the length of the leader. I'm not really that fussy so some where in there works for me.

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    A lot of great advice offered. Might just start out with a 5x and 4ft tippet and go from there.

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    Somewhere over the years I picked up this general rule. It can give you a place to start. If your tippet straightens out, stops in the air and falls to the surface, or springs back towards you-your tippet is too short. If your leader/tippet fails to turn over or falls into a pile, it's too long. When it lays out in a series of gentle S curves, its just right, of course, subject to the speed and roughness of the water.

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    Going to put that one away in my noodle. Sounds like that is an excellent approach.

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