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    Default Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    Hi -- I (for the heck of it) used my 9' 8-weight (TFO PRO II) set up to fish a popular local trout stream. Generally I fish a 5 or 6-weight for this stream, but I thought "what the heck" and tried it out.

    Honestly -- it worked totally fine. I mostly nymph and fish soft hackles and it didn't feel much different for these casts and drifts. Landing fish wasn't an issue either -- I mostly use 4 and 5X tippet.

    Anyone else do this?

    Given that the TFO PRO II is fairly "moderate" vs. a fast action 8-weight, it seems like there isn't too much disadvantage to using it and I can clearly see some advantages, like heavy nymphing rigs and huge streamers if I feel like throwing those.

    I tied up some 6X tippet to a limb outside and put a very decent amount of 'bend' to the rod butt and couldn't break it --

    Other than slack water areas where the heavy line would obviously land more harshly, and the lack of feeling the fish struggle as much during the fight -- any problems you could see?

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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    I've used my 8 weight zenith for 12 inches trout since I don't like to bring 2 fly rods with me. Works just fine.
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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    I routinely use my Sage Z-Axis 7 wt when streamer fishing. The only time I have used my 8 wt for trout was fishing in MT a few years ago on the Missouri River in the spring and targeting some huge monster Rainbows. We were using 2x tippet and #8 hooks and on some of the larger fish we would either have the hook straighten or break the tippet, but then that is hooking into some huge fish and also battling some pretty strong current.


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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    In the days of bamboo and the golden days of fiberglass, 7 and 8 weight (or the earlier equivalent) setups for trout were not that unusual. 4 and even some 5 weights were adventurously dainty.

    Sure, you can still use one of today's 8 weight graphite rods for trout too. I've done it myself. It's just that it's a very stout rod for a relatively small fish. You won't be able to make the same delicate presentations you can with a lighter rod, and playing the fish won't be much of a challenge (unless you are using very fine tippets, in which case the stiffness of the rod might make it harder to play the fish without breaking the tippet), but you can certainly get the job done most of the time.

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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    I just bought an 8wt BVK to use for a number of different species. It all started because I needed something stronger than my 5wt to throw weighted streamers for trout. I have also planned shad, bass and steelhead trips, and couldn't justify buying multiple rods, at least not yet. So it is now my big streamer, shad, bass, steelhead, anything sinking line, do everything rod!


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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    I trout fish & grayling fish often with big Spey rods and don't have any remorse. There is a great deal of talk about not being able to feel the 'fight' of a fish when using heavier rods. Honestly I have no interest in fighting a fish I am there to catch them. Completing the mission by actually touching the little gem you are after is the goal, not feeling some animal struggle for its life on a line.

    I love catching a fish, probably as much as anyone else but I like to feel good when it's done. There's a time and place for my little flea rods but for large waters I prefer big rods

    glad to hear you enjoyed the rod,


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    Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    My last trip out on the Current River I brought my 7wt out to throw streamers and meat. Got to the water and a caddis hatch was coming off like mad. Well, a 7wt with a #16 elk hair isn't the "ideal" combo but I made it work.
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    I just moved to Helena, MT a few months ago (originally from Minnesota) and all I had was an 8wt. I had never used it before and never fished for trout before either. Landed my first fish ever on the fly using a Clouser on the Missouri River.

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  12. Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    IMO, if the trout is a stout 15" and bigger, they are strong enough to put up a decent fight against an 8 weight especially in running water.

    6" trout in small mountain streams, 8 wt is probably gonna be boring.

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  14. Default Re: Used my 8-weight on trout streams this weekend

    Before I had anything else (which is pretty recent) I used an 8wt rod for everything from bass to small stream trout. Presentation of dries and being delicate on the spooky small stream fish was a real challenge, but otherwise, it worked just fine.

    A 4wt is a lot more fun for the small streams and small fish though.

    Caught on an 8wt

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