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Thread: Provo River, UT

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    Despite only being one state over, I've never fished the Provo (or Weber). Planning a trip in the next month or two. Not sure where the middle Provo starts and ends and same with lower. Any comments are greatly appreciated like camping info, access suggestions etc. Thanks in advance.

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    I had a great weekend on the Middle Provo last summer when I was out to SLC for work for a few days and had some downtime in the middle. Just north of Heber City there's a pull-off with good public access north and south; I walked in about 15 min south around 2pm and had the place to myself, spent the next four hours in heaven. Caught just 5 or 6 med size browns, but saw a big Osprey take one about 50 yds upstream, and was just totally enjoying being out on a lovely river on a lovely afternoon. Next day, went out with a guide on a lower section of the river (just closer to Heber City) with private access, caught a couple whitefish nymphing early, then around 10am the green drake hatch kicked in and I nailed a dozen healthy browns by 1pm. Continued to fish on towards 4, but it was pretty much over at that point for the day. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. PM me if I can help with any other info.

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    Stop into one of the local Fly shops and buy a map of the Provo. Be aware that in Utah Private Property extends into the stream bed. Do not cross on to private property without permission. That being said, both lower and the middle Provo offer great fishing. Some good searching flies are the pheasant tail nymph, the zugbug (I have had great success with this fly and discovered this quite by accident) and this time of year midges, scuds and sowbugs, and then of course be aware of any hatches going on. If you go through Weber to Midway you will see a wooden foot bridge and a road going down south on the west side of the river. Excellent fishing in both directions, though that parking lot can have a lot of snow so be sure you are driving all wheel drive with clearance if you go to far down to the parking area. Light snow this year so it should not be too bad. Also in Weber is a Fly shop, ask them about the Provo Bounce. It can be effective but not my prefered method. To much like gear chucking for my taste. Have fun and tell us how you do!

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    Middle Provo starts just below the Jordanell dam and runs to Deer Creek with Heber city right in the middle. There are sportsmens parking and access all along this stretch. Lower runs from Deer Creek dam all the way to Utah lake. Look for Sportsmens access here as well.
    Have fun!

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    Should be some decent fishin
    Here are a few links to help you along your way

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

    Middle Provo River Angler Access Map

    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

    I would expect the camping to be limited and cold, but still very doable.

    If you would like and if our schedules match up I would be more than happy to meet up with ya for a day of fishing.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you all for the point in the right direction. Really appreciate it. I spoke to a shop and heard some great things this time of year about the lower Provo, from the damn down a few miles. Sounds like some good midge dry action, which I'd prefer to do.

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