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    Hey all I'm looking for a job guiding this summer season I've got one season under my belt and graduated sweet water guide school I'm located in western Wyoming and help on this would be great

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    I can't provide much help with getting a guiding position, but it certainly looks like it is shaping up to be a great water year with all this snow we are getting. Mike Kaul the owner of Two Rivers Emporium, here in Pinedale closes their shop for the winter, but you can contact him through email on his web site. I don't think he needs any new guides, but it doesn't hurt to ask, besides he has been in business a long time and may know of someone else in the Rockies that does need help. Also look up Brooks Lake Lodge, it is north of Dubois, WY, they hire fly fishing guides for their summer clients.

    Last fall I ran into three guys fishing on the Green below Fontenelle and one of them was a first year guide with Teton Valley Lodge (he had his boat there with the Teton Valley Logo on it), was that you by chance? At any rate give them a call to see if they need any fly fishing guides. You might also give Teton Springs Lodge and Spa a call, I think that they use World Cast Anglers for their fly fishing/lodging packages, but they have fishing ponds on the property and might be interested in offering fly fishing lessons, (if they had someone qualified on staff) as part of their portfolio.


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    Thanks Larry I worked for brooks lake lodge last summer and I don't know if ill be back this summer but I'm looking to further my guiding in the area

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    You can fill out an employment form on my website. There is a link at the bottom of ever page.

    Not sure if we need the help this summer but fill it out and we will see how we are shaping up.

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    I'll do that asap

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    You should have started looking much sooner. We like to have our guide corps set no later than the end of February and prefer to start the hiring process around Christmas. Most other shops and outfitters are similar. If you don't find anything good by the end of March, stop looking because anyone who is still hiring full-time staff (rather than as-needed independent guides) by that point is someone you don't want to work for.

    Strange as it may sound, your best bet for a first guiding job is Alaska. The fishing is easy enough that a big chunk of the job is actually manual labor on the lodge, etc.

    Your guide school certificate may or may not help you much. Sweetwater is better than some, but many outfitters (my shop included) prefer to hire "rookies" with fly fishing experience but without any preconceived notions of what being a guide involved, so it's easier to train them in our way of doing things. We have hired one guide school grad and his certificate had literally nothing to do with hiring him. The fact that he'd been a fish bum working at various hotels throughout the region and fishing every day off was what made the difference.

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