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Thread: Escaping the dogs days

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    Default Escaping the dogs days

    My son (13yo) and I took a break from the lowland heat and had a great time in the Caronlina mountains. The water temp hovers between too warm and almost too warm, limiting our fishing times to early morning and late, late evening but its always worth the wait through mid day.

    yellow sally's

    and what could be PMD's

    Plus a pleathora of terestrials (A beatle trailed by an ant pattern worked some)

    It was heavy overcast with three successive cooling days

    We fished in a cloud almost till noon

    and then I ruin a perfectly good fish pic with my mug

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    More Porn....


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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    JJ: Great trip report and photos! Looks like you and your son found a great little stream to fish and landed some very nice looking trout, congrats!


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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    Great report JJ,the fly pics are very nice

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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    Great trip report, those are some good looking fish! Nothing like escaping the heat and finding some cool water!

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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    Great report!

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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    Thanks guys, glad you like the pics. My son is absolutely my all time best fishing buddy. From three fish total last summer, he caught 14 trout in two days this last weekend and still only fishes one nymph at a time he got his first trout on a dry fly this trip as well.

    Here's what I found to be the keys to happy landings this time...

    These worked like magic in the late evenings and gave some dry fly action
    Yellow Sally
    Mustad #12
    Orange thread
    Body - Yellow hairs cleaned from the yellow deer hair wing and tail
    crystal flash ribing

    Nymphing was primarily the ticket and the fish were generally holding in rappid and riffle sections

    Red thread GRHE
    Mustad #12 and same in #10 as a lead fly to weigh the rig down

    when wet, this GRHE glows red and the more beating it takes the better it works as the hares mask wears off some.

    and hanging off as the third fly in my rig was this little guy.

    #12 mustad
    Hen neck tail and legs- I love the mottled pattern on this skin
    Muskrat body & Thorax
    black Danville medium wire rib
    Black Goose biots and yellow foam for split casing

    If I told you how many fish I caught, It wouldn't sound honest

    I'm headed back on Friday the 13th for another weekend.

    I hope you all are having your own luck this summer.

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    Default Re: Escaping the dogs days

    Nice report, pics and flies, Jonathan.

    Looks like "3 wt." country to me; my personal favorite!


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