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    Default Small Public Lake Stockers

    Regular Trout Season opened this past Sat. Crazy heavy, record setting rain / snow blew out everything for a few days.

    The lake was still high, and stained water, but I put my float tube in and took my 3wt. I had 6 trout on, and landed 4. All rainbow stockers.

    All the trout were caught on a small white Clouser. They couldn't see the other flies in the colored water.

    Water temp was 52. The big lakes are around 46 now.

    It has begun, Thank God!

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    Looks like some good eating! Hope the season stays that fruitful for you!

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    Default Re: Small Public Lake Stockers

    the grass is green and the stockers are hungry!

    life is looking pretty good in your neck of the woods

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddhist_palm View Post
    the grass is green and the stockers are hungry!

    Yeah, only a week ago there was snow on the ground! A couple warm days and the grass turned green and the trees are budding! This was a crazy winter here in PA.

    Nature is truly wonderful!

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    That keeps me hopefull. Sounds like we are just a couple weeks behind.

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    Default Re: Small Public Lake Stockers

    Fished a stream early this morning and caught three stockers,,,a rainbow and two brookies...left and went up to the reservoir lake and caught a brown and two rainbows. Doesn't mean much as they are lowly stockers but I guess I got a grand slam,,,LOL
    A Royal Trude tied dry and fished with with a small split shot is so effective it might be illegal if the F and G dept only knew. Started using this deal thur my laziness,,,,just didn't wanna tie on wet fly after the dry trude didnt pull any action,,so I thought ...I''ll add a tiny split shot, pull'er under and just see...and my Lord,,it's the next best thing to dynamite. I 'think' some of it might be the stiffer dry hackle creates 'something' hen hackle doesnt under the water...I dunno. Must add here,,,have only used this system on stockers so far. Wild brookies might even be put off by it,,just don't know. And we don't have native rainbow or browns in my area.

    But ya might wanna give it a go and check it out sometime when the action is slow and ya wanna experiment and matching the hatch doesn't mean much to you that day.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Small Public Lake Stockers

    Nice to get out! Use to fish some stockers in Michigan and the best fly for them was a white woolly bugger as well.
    - William

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    Default Re: Small Public Lake Stockers

    I will try that, fly--guy.


    Tight lines,


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