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Thread: Magic river ?

  1. Smile Magic river ?

    I'm a French flyfisherman who project a fishing trip from june 13 to july 13 in West USA. I have a fligth to Denver and after 3 days at Moab, i drive to the Green (2 days), the Henry's Fork (3 days), the Missouri (3 days), Missoula (8 days) and back to Colorado (4 days in Basalt).
    I'm in search for some alternative and i need your help to identify this river:
    [ame=]Usa 2013 . Magic River - YouTube[/ame]
    I know she's on the Idaho/Montana border
    Thank you for helping
    Maybe see you in France, we have some nice rivers...

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    Don't know the river Mr. Z, but your trip sounds 'ambitious' to put it mildly. One short word of caution ..... the United States, especially the 'West' is HUGE. Even using the interstate hiways you won't (normal stops for food/fuel) get much more than 50 mph over the ground. Just trust me on this one.

    800 miles will take you 12 to 16 hours regardless of what you may get off the internet. Dead time and you'll be 'bone tired' when you get there.

    Been down this road with several folks from the UK/France and my suggestion has always been 'Choose two main destinations,' fly in/rent car and fish the streams/rivers in the area.' Back to the airport and the next flight, here I'd recommend Bozeman, Montana or Missoula. Rent car and you've got days of fishing within an hours drive of your motel room.

    Good time of the year to be here, hope you have a lot of fun. And the good news is you'll find all the 'locals' as friendly as they can be.

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    Default Re: Magic river ?

    no clue where those adobes would be on the ID MT border would be. looks like another spot I know though.

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    Never mind.
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    Default Re: Magic river ?

    Could this be by Billings, MT? "Magic City"
    Thanks and have a great day
    Paul Mohler......Be safe out there

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    the area code on the street sign near the beginning showed what looked like 406 the Montana area code.

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    Nothing more needed.
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    Sorry but I don't know the river either...............


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    Talking Re: Magic river ?

    You Utah guys crack me up. Definitely Montana

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