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    Default Big Lake Harbor Help Needed!

    All - I've been asked to fish with a guy on his boat in Milwaukee Harbor of Lake Michigan this Sunday morning, which i've gladly accepted. He's a good dude and a fisherman but he is not a fly fisherman. I've not held a spinning, casting rod in years, but I'm sure I'll be fine. That said, we're casting plugs to big browns, and I'm contemplating taking my 9 weight. My big question is, what type of line do I buy - assuming I need a full sink - and what type of flies?! I'd love to toss the fly rod Sunday morning a little too!

    I'll stop on the way home and get my flyfish fix in for Steelhead along a trib on the way south to Chicago, but it'd be darn cool to land one of those big browns on my 990 in the lake.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: Big Lake Harbor Help Needed!

    Nice! Awesome harbor and one of my favorites to fish.

    The browns are still being caught in pretty good numbers and a few scattered coho are starting to be caught in MKE harbor as well.

    For line, I would definitely be throwing a fast sink line with unweighted flies or a sink tip with weighted flies.

    For flies, minnow patterns like clousers in rainbow colors, white with a bit of green on the back. I like white bucktail with a ostrich herl top for my green. Firetiger could work as well. Tie them kind long...4 or 5" and make sure you tie them on a XL hook where the hook is right at the back of the fly - the coho are tail nippers. Or you could just tie in trailing hook.

    For browns, orange! Circus peanuts kick ass as do some medium size deceivers. The browns text to be a bit more willing to inhale a fly than the coho but a trailing hook still isnt a bad idea. If you can incorporate a rattle of some sort - beit in the eyes or a chamber, your success may increase a bit.

    Experiment with different depths. Start shallow and progress deeper. Cast - countdown - retrieve.

    The browns like to bask on the warm rocks along the lake front. You can almost sight fish for them at times. Put something tasty in front of their face and they will inhale it.

    Good luck and post pics!
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