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  1. Default Colorado in March?

    Hi all, I'm planning to be in Colorado near Estes park in about 2 weeks...any word on what hte fishing is like right now or if there is any? or am I being hopelessly naive thinking that there will even be a flowing stream? Thanks..I'd also be willing to drive down to the flat parts (boulder/fort collins) if it means there are fish there.

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    Hello FlyChick
    The local Flyshop has posted on their website that the Big Thompson is flowing and using midges midday has been having some success, the Poudre and Big Thompson over toward Greeley has been fair to good according to several customers of mine, I have not been out since the ice around here has only been melted for a couple of weeks, have not been up to Estes Park for a few months myself but around Loveland and stating up the canyon the water is flowing and clear. I'm going to a fly tying class this morning and will inquire there about updated conditions.

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    THanks Wyatt. I guess I can always check with Grant or Kirk once I get up there. I like to know what to anticipate. Let me know how you do if you get a chance to fish this weekend and maybe I"ll pack my fly rod along!

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    Default Re: Colorado in March?

    Can we say "Squidoo" here?

    I read your Squidoo....great job!!

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    Default Re: Colorado in March?

    I realize it is about 1-2 hours south of Estes, but I just returned from 5 days in Breckenridge and the surrounding areas near the I-70 corridor. Most major rivers (Blue, Eagle, etc.) in that area are flowing but with some ice accumulations in places. Even the smaller creeks have some open spots when otherwise iced over, but it has been a cold winter in the mountains this year so there is quite a bit of ice, especially on the smaller creeks.

    The first significantly above freezing temperature (i.e. 40's) in months in Breckenridge was this past weekend, and it only lasted two days before the temperatures plunged back well below freezing. The worst problem will be stream access--the snowpack is about the 4th greatest since modern records were kept. You may need snowshoes or skis to access the rivers & creeks.

    Mid-Febraury I fished the Blue River downstream (north) from Lake Dillon and had excellent results on #18 midges fished deep.

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    Default Re: Colorado in March?

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyChick View Post
    THanks Wyatt. I guess I can always check with Grant or Kirk once I get up there. I like to know what to anticipate. Let me know how you do if you get a chance to fish this weekend and maybe I"ll pack my fly rod along!

    I would take your flyrod along no matter what! You can certainly find somewhere to fish.

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    Thanks for the info. You're right, I should pack my fly rod along no matter what. WHen my dad used to travel for business all the time, he would always put a coil of fishign line and a few flies in his pocket because you just never knew when you could drop a line in.

    Thanks for the squidoo props, it was fun to do. On my "someday" list is to build a bamboo fly rod...but tehre are lots of other things on my "someday" list as well!

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    Fly Chick
    At the Fly Tying class I went to Saturday most of the people that had been out fishing have been staying down low around Loveland and Ft Collins over toward Greeley, one of the guys said he did go up close to Estes last weekend and ther was still ice but he said there is open water in several areas with fly fishers in most of the better spots on Saturday, he said he only caught 2 fish in 3 or 4 hours and didn't know how anyone else was doing, I went out for a little while Sunday on the Poudre here in town by the stables where the daughter keeps her horse, mostly practicing with my new rod didn't catch any fish yet.

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    Default Re: Colorado in March?

    I am surprised that no one mentioned the S. Platte. In fact, I think the Platte runs through Denver - not to say that you should fish in downtown, if it exists.

    There are two tailwater fisheries on the S. Platte that are Gold Medal Waters; Cheesman Canyon and Spinney Mtn. section. Cheesman requires a hike in but the trout are legendary, Spinney is easier to get to and has superb meanders to fish. But, remember it is March and you can get snow at any time. Of the two, Spinney is nice and a favorite of mine. My avatar has a 24 inch bow from that section. Because they are tailwaters, the water will be flowing and you can get into some hatches. Again, it has to do with access because of the snow.

    Angler's Covey in Co. Springs can give the up to date scoup on the fishing on the S. Platte.

    Fish hard.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    I'm up in Estes right now, and the Big Thompson, at least down to the canyon, is still completely iced/snowed over. Looks like I won't have much time time to look for fish...I can either hang out in the hot tub looking out on Rocky Mtn Nat. Park tomorrow until I work at 7pm, or I could go fishing or hiking. Any suggestions?

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