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Thread: New Zealand

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    Default New Zealand

    Has anyone been to New Zealand to fly fish?
    I'm looking for people who've been there to tell their stories: What was good, what was bad, where did you go, when, with whom.

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    I didn't fly fish there, but lived there as a child and caught the largest trout of my life at the age of 10 in Lake Taupo on tackle from a boat.

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    If you have to make a choice on 'which Island' pick the south. Farther south you go the more you'll need a huge supply of 'bug juice!' Black flies can be brutal. A head net would be a better idea.

    But beautiful small streams and rivers.
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    Thanks. We are in the early stages of planning and appreciate all comments.

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    Note that New Zealand has a very strict policy on invasive species prevention. You cannot just get off the plane, gather your gear and go fishing. You need to prep your gear before you go because it is inspected. If it does not pass inspection, they will quarantine it and you will loose days of fishing.

    All your flies get inspected so make sure they have never been fished and they are in clean/new fly boxes.

    Check your net. Does it have any organic matter on it?

    What to take fly fishing New Zealand

    Cleaning instructions here:

    Cleaning Methods | MPI Biosecurity New Zealand

    Importing used equipment associated with animals or water | MPI Biosecurity New Zealand


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    Thanks, vbery helpful. I probably won't take flies down but the resto fo the information is good to know.

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    There was a member here under the handle of "fisherlinz" who lives in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of taking him out for an evening of mooneye fishing when he was here in Ontario/canada a year or so ago. I KNOW he fishes his home waters.

    That said, I have not seen him post here for sometime....but maybe he's lurking still.

    Try reach out to him here.

    King Joe Outa Here!

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