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  1. Default Night Fishing for Trout

    Night Fishing for Trout

    Does anyone have any experience with night fishing for trout. I am heading to Gunnison, CO at the end of July, and I am wanting to try night trout fishing at Blue Mesa Reservoir.

    Any tips, stories?

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    I used to take my pontoon out and fish Strawberry Reservoir at nigh tall the time. As long as there is a moon out you should have no problems. I would either use a floating or an intermediate sink line and large buggers.. The strikes can be explosive!

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    in the east a mouse rat is a sure shot for big browns if you know where they hang out
    what I do with a mouse rat or any other big dry is strip it across the water, sometimes fast sometime real slow depends on the conditions also this pattern is deadly as well

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    Make sure you have a good head lamp (plus maybe a red filter so as to not spook the fish) and I would recommend a compass unless you have a GPS. It is real easy to get dissoriented in the dark. Plus glow in the dark line and a UV flash light is great also.

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    I have to mention again that the strikes that come at night are absolutely EXPLOSIVE!

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