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  1. Default Sad day for southern boys

    We fly fish but lately not very often. We were just about to embark on a trip to the Lower Mountain Fork at Beaver's Bend State Park in Southeastern Oklahoma. At my home it was 82 degrees on Christmas Day. Then we had the tornadoes, and this morning we had 4" of snow. There have been several deaths due to the storms. Thankfully we were not really affected. The bad news for fly fishermen is that the Lower Mountain Fork is flooding worse than it did in May. It looks like the park will be closed indefinitely. The State had began work on refurbishing the river and parts of the park from the spring floods. We'll have to wait and see how that progresses after the flooding subsides, and they get a good look at it. The last thing I read was pretty sad. The owners of the fly shop had just watched their building wash away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those devastated by these storms. Ours is actually a pretty minor problem compared to many.

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    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families affected by the storms and tornadoes. Especially those that lost friends and family members.

    It's too bad about the LMFR. It's a wonderful trout fishery. Have fished there many times and always enjoy it. IMHO it's one of the best kept secrets in trout fishing in the country. Maybe one of these days they'll figure out how to keep this from happening so often. Hope so.
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    My prayers as well.


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    Default Re: Sad day for southern boys

    Thoughts and prayers ...

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    The Red Zone (designated fly-fishing area) is kind of a wreck, now. They had just half-way fixed it back from the flood last May. The fly shop that survived the last flood has been washed away. Spillway Creek, OTOH, seems to get more starkly beautiful with each flood event. There's plenty of other damage, too, but, blessedly, no lives lost, as far as I understand. At this site you can see a current video of the Red Zone, taken from a drone:

    LMFR Foundation – News and Events

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    We'll be heading up on Sunday, the 14th. It's all going to be different, and we'll have to learn it all over again several times, as the State of Oklahoma repairs things. As some one pointed out in another forum, this may be kind of low on their priorities. So, it may be awhile before it's back close to what it once was. I just hope access isn't too hard... I'm... OLD!

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