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Thread: 2wt Fishing

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    You ever remember as kid fishing along a stream and things being open the fields just starting to grow up some from people moving on and not using them. Well this is my old fishing place, I remember getting off the school bus and hurrying up the hill to my grandparents house grabbing my rod and hitting the creek alone or with a friend. My granddad would always say should be a good one at the old foot log and my grandmother lord watch for snakes ,you could fall and break a leg and I just said nanny I'm fine and laugh and go well time catches us all my granddad is long gone my grandmother is 83 and I'm worried about breaking a leg when I fish . It's been awhile since I fished that stream, so Saturday morning I went to my grandmothers parked and hit the creek. So much changed and I was thankful for my 6' 2wt Orvis.

    Well it didn't take long to realize the grown up fields were over grown with large trees and the creek with mountain laurel to the point I had to crawl but the fish were still there with a new addition Brown trout.

    and some Rainbow.

    And the same Speckle trout I always fished for as a kid.

    It was a great day as I got 30 fish to hand and had a great time I see a return a lot sooner. Sorry no pictures of the grown over stream.

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    Nice looking fish. I really like the variety.
    Today is always the first day of the rest of your life.
    Use it wisely.


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    Man I love ultra light/small stream fishing like that.


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    You are so lucky! My stream from when I was a kid was down a dirt road which is now a two lane paved road. The creek has been straightened and has rocks on each side to prevent erosion, large houses with green lawns are all along the creek now and no trespassing signs all along the road where we used to access the stream.

    Hold on to your stream as long as you can...

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