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    Default Cool Midge Video

    Hey All,

    Got this from my good friend Paul (sjdrifli). Lots of stuff I never knew and it explains how they do the life cycle thing. Interesting!

    YouTube - Midges: Chapter 5 of the "Bugs of the Underworld" DVD

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    Default Re: Cool Midge Video

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the link. A really interesting video. That is chapter 5, have you seen any of the others?


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    Default Re: Cool Midge Video


    Thanks for the post. Thats a great little video. Have you seen the whole DVD?
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    Default Re: Cool Midge Video

    Hey Guys,

    No, I haven't. Guess I need to look around for it today or tommorow, now that I have a little time available. Midges really are cool little critters!


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