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Thread: Tyler Trout

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    Has anyone been fly fishing the Tyler area for trout? Faulkner Park, Tyler State Park, etc? Any luck?


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    I've been to Tyler State Park 4 times since they stocked it and have only caught one trout. In past years I caught 5 - 15 every time I went there, this year it has been very slow and I have no idea why.

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    I've fished Faulkner Park Lake several times. They first stocked it on Dec 9 (I believe), and we had good luck around the first of the year. Would usually catch 4-6 trout per outing. The water is pretty muddy in the winter, visibility about a foot or so. I've had better luck on dark colored flies. Then the fishing really slacked off about the middle of January. They stocked again on the 18th. Went out Saturday afternoon, temp about 50 F and wind 20 gusting to 30 out of the north. Could hardly cast as the wind direction required casting into or about 45 degrees with the wind. Hooked one trout, he went airborne, and I swear the wind blew the line and hook out of his mouth. Decided to call it a day then. There are a lot of bait fishers out there, and on two different trips I've seen folks throw out a bunch of corn, dog food, etc to chum the trout in.
    You'll see a little bit of everything out there, even some of us catch and release fly persons.

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    Thanks guys, I'll have to go give it a try.

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