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Thread: unusual question

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    I know this sounds weird, and I wasn't sure where to put this. I was wondering which reel is featured on the top left of this website? It looks like a scientific anglers, I was wondering the type/model. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Looks like a SA System Two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davo View Post
    Looks like a SA System Two.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hi to all,

    Yes, that is a SA System TWO. I have a 7/8 that I used in Alaska for many years. Mine was made in England and I bought it in the 70's. Mine doesn't have the four rivets on the frame side like the one in the picture. The finish on mine looks like it is some type of paint. My has held up great with just some wear on the sharp edges. My reel has not had the best of care but it is almost as good as new. I caught a good number of Salmon with my reel. There was a problem with the drag during the 70's. Some complaints of the drag being jerky at startup. There was a procedure for smoothing the drag to eliminate the drag jerkiness on start up. My drag has always worked great and I never did the procedure that some reels required. In the 70's it was the best good reel for the money. My fishing partner had both a 7/8 and a 5/6.

    Instead of getting a SA Two 5/6 I opted for a Lamson II that has been a great reel. This was the first reel that Lamson put its own name on. They had been providing a similar reel to Orvis. I bought the very first one they got in Alaska. It was a lighter reel than the SA System Two 5/6.


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    I have a couple of those system IIs kicking around on consignment.
    I thought they were kind of heavey for casting when I tried it out, or maybe its just their age/different materials?
    Or were they intended for trolling?

    One of the reels I got in is spooled up with lead core, making me think this is the case.

    It seems like a nice reel, smooth action and all, I did a web search and new ones seem pretty expensive.

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    I thought the SA II was decent reel. I like my Ross and Lamkins better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coloradoavalanche View Post
    I know this sounds weird......
    Not a weird question at all. I have frequently stared at that reel wondering the same thing myself, just never posted the question on the forum. I'll bet a lot of people have wondered the same thing. Thanks for asking!

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