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Thread: Bear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis
    I think that when the babies are around though, their whole disposition changes radically.
    That is true. All they are thinking about is sucking your guts out through your face..

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    Up here most of the bears tend to run away . . . unless with cub or you are stealing their food. If I'm heading out somewhere where there aren't going to be a lot of other people around I always make sure I grab the bear gun. Kinda akward casting with a large rifle over your back, but I think it's better than the alternative. And no way I'm going to leave my rod or catch behind for some bear to enjoy. Heck, one day I may even get to bag a trophy fish and bear in one day if I get really lucky!

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    on that note does anyone carry a hand gun or another wepon with them when fishing in the backwoods to fend off bears and the like?

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    I carry a gun when pond fishing in South Carolina. No bears to speak of, but cottonmouth moccasins and other obnoxious critters do occasionally show up. The gun I usually carry is a Model 63 S&W .22 revolver.


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    About three weeks ago I was fishing the Savage River in Maryland and saw 3 deer about 40 yds downstream on the shore and moved up behind me. About 20 minutes later I heard some crashing in the woods behind me (It's pretty thick) and I thought it was the deer. I finally turned around in time to see a fairly big black bear about 12 yards from me coming to the river. My first thought was to get my camera out of my vest pocket but it is double baggied so my second thought and more important thought was to yell, which I did then slipped in the river. He heeded my advice to "Get out of here!" and I never saw him again. Spoke to a man in a nearby campgroudn a few days later and he said a 3-400 lbs bear had been around the campsite lately. I don't know where he got that info but all I know is that the bear had a BIG head! All in a day's fishing! Wish I would have got a picture!

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    I think that when the babies are around though, their whole disposition changes radically.
    My father likes to tell a story of driving in Yellowstone in the 1960s and noticing a group of people staring up a tree. Slowing down to see what they were looking at, he realized this group of nutcases had treed a couple of grizzly cubs and were oohing and ahhing the "cute little bears." One of them wimpered and Mama came charging to the rescue. He could hear her crashing through the brush and roaring every step of the way. Needless to say, our little group of sightseers scattered in terror, much wiser about grizzly sows and their cubs. Amazingly, nobody got mauled.

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    Dad was up on Kodiak Island earlier this summer, trying for salmon with his fly rod. Headed down to the river one day and found these guys blocking the trail:

    He waited for them to leave the trail, took a few photos and continued with his day. I've fished SE Alaska with him, and it's not at all uncommon to run across really big Alaskan Brownies while on a salmon river.

    Regards, Guy

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