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Thread: Worse for Wear

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    So with the holiday weekend upon us Dad and I decided we'd have to get to the water early. We left around 5:30 which gave us this beautiful view of the sunrise as we approached our destination.

    We figured things would be really slow to begin with since the temperature was around 50 with wind gusts up to 40mph.

    Even being on the water early and the high winds, the day was looking to shape up nicely. The first fish:

    Like last weekend, this was some more vertical fishing. Alot of tomes we'd be casting into the next pool at eye level.

    The fishing was slow early on but as usual the pink weenie was performing.

    In an attempt to kill some time and try to let the sun get on the water I built a fire. (also to warm up a little).

    Dad was anxious to take some on dries. I don't know why, even with two pairs of glasses he has a hard time tying them on.

    The fish and things in general began to start looking up.

    We were catching fish and saw multiple brookies that were double digit in length. Dad even had a four inch fish on and another beast chasing it.

    It was then that we were climbing around a falls, when near the top of a rock Dad suddenly screams "HORNETS". I had about a five foot wide chasm to jump across as I high stepped it out of there! I ended up going down a twenty foot fall into the water. I was only stung once.

    Luckily I found another way around the falls. When I got back to dad he had been stung on the hands twice and slid down the forty five degree angled rock to the water. I could see about a foot of his rod sticking straight up out of the plunge pool.

    Dad swears our bad luck was my fault for wearing a pair of matching socks We really were very lucky it could have very easily been much much worse. On the way out we saw somebody who was having a worst day than us.

    Some people call it road kill, others call it tying materials!

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    Default Re: Worse for Wear

    Great photo essay there young fellow.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Worse for Wear

    Really great photos and very nice report!
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    I spent many days fishing little trickles like that one. I gotta hand it to you two you get out after them brookies lad. Hard to believe but I have never had a run in with bees while fishing but used to catch and photograph Eastern Timber Rattlers while I fished those little streams. All of that is on Kodachrome slides so they won't show up here too soon. Hope Pop didn't get too buggered up, and the turkey was a young gobbler, right?
    Do you know how to tell from a distance? The primary feathers, on the male they have the white bars.

    Good picture show,


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