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    Default How Long And How Many Flies?

    How long will you spend on one fish that won't take your fly? How many flies will you go through to decide today is not the day?

    I wondered about this a few weeks back after I had a huge hit on a hopper fly drifting at the edge of the river under some overhanging plant. About 1 hr later and several different flies I gave up. Couple of weeks later I pull a nice 14in rainbow out of that same spot thinking it might be the same fish--I'm assuming a hierarchy for prime position for food.

    Yesterday I get another big hit and hooked a nice fish about 20ft upstream but lost the fish. Again, I stick around a little longer and try the same fly and switch over to some others before calling it. This was near a tree that had fallen into the river with a deep pool around it. Just looked like a nice spot for a fish to hang out.

    Did catch a lot of fish yesterday but mostly juvenile rainbows. Pesky little things sometimes.

    This one was caught downstream right next to where I was standing. Biggest fish of the day!

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    Default Re: How Long And How Many Flies?

    I wont change my fly unless it's an absolute tank of a fish. Maybe 2-3 more casts to the spot if it was of decent size.

    Even if it is a tank, presentation > fly selection. Might change my fly twice. If it's not interested neither am I. With a few thousand fish an acre I know someone else will be hungry.

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    Default Re: How Long And How Many Flies?

    Quote Originally Posted by wjlapier View Post
    How long will you spend on one fish that won't take your fly? How many flies will you go through to decide today is not the day?
    It depends.

    First criteria - The fish is eating. Either you see it continue to rise OR you are sight nymphing and you see it continuing to feed.

    Second criteria - The cast and the mends that are necessary to get the fly to the fish in a realistic manner is are casts and mends that I can make.

    Third criteria - I know for certain what the fish is feeding on.

    If the first two criteria are met, I will continue to fish until I have exhausted the third criteria (possible flies) as long as criteria one and two are still present, ie, the fish continues to feed and I know what it is taking

    If criteria one or two are no longer present - ie, the fish has stopped feeding, there is no point in continuing to try to catch that fish.

    Sometimes, from the beginning, criteria 2 is absent. I cannot make the cast or mends need. Then stop after a few tries even if the fish continues to feed. An alternative strategy is needed and you can try to induce a take by skating a fly, wet flies. or trying some other active retrieve.

    If that does not work, move on. There are fish that cannot be taken with the flies and techniques you have. When that happens, that is can the realization that you need to find, read about, and practice techniques that may work in that circumstance.


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