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booya 07-24-2008 11:19 PM

miramichi fishing
im looking to start fishing in miramichi for salmon as i only live about 2 hrs away in moncton. As this will be my first time salmon fishing im really excited and wondering if anyone can tell me a decent spot to go as i would hate to drive all the way there just to waste my day fishing in a river where there is no salmon.

Frank Whiton 07-25-2008 08:38 AM

Re: miramichi fishing
Hi booya,

I cant help with a place to fish but you might try a local fly shop. If they have a map buy one and ask them to point out the best areas to fish. Don't expect them to give you a honey hole but they will point you in the general direction.

You very best way to find an area to fish is to hire a guide the first time. Watch what he does very closely and make mental notes of the type of spots he fishes.

What you are looking for are resting spots that the fish use in their journey. Pools are a good bet. If you catch a fish, you Will be able to catch fish there again. You will find that the fish enter the river in groups and will move along the river in somewhat of a group. They get spread out but will still be moving about the same times.

I have fished a group of fish and move up river with them for days. This works quite well if there is a road along the river. Later in the season you will have to move up river to locate fish. If you are near the mouth of the river fish will usually enter the river on a high tide or right after a heavy rain fall that might have raised the river.


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