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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    Someone mentioned a dry-dropper rig earlier.

    I agree. A Stimulator on top and a Prince below. Just tie a piece of tipper to the bend of the hook on the dry, with an improved clinch knot. (And don't ask me what an unimproved clinch knot is.)

    The advantage to this is simplicity. You can do it with your standard mono materials. And you can switch out the nymph, or add/subtract the tippet length, without a lot of fuss.

    After you've developed a feel for subsurface fishing, you can start fooling around with more complicated rigs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
    P valley......
    Since fish feed 80+% of the time subsurface, it is the best catching fish.
    That doesn't necessarily imply nymphs, however. Often a wet fly fished just beneath the surface will out fish a nymph.

    And then there are streamers.

    Which is not to say that knowing how to present nymphs isn't a useful skill, but it's often the wrong conclusion that just because fish feed mostly subsurface that a nymph is the best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post

    Note to OP: fishing three flies as shown in illustration is illegal in Maryland. You can, and probably should, use two, however.

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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    Alright, following the recipe posted above, I have rigged up my 5wt for an out omg tomorrow. A friend, and only experienced fly fisherman I know, kindly hooked me up with a selection of tungsten head nymphs, a couple Prince, a couple “general bugs” he called them. I’ve got some midges and other odds and ends to put on the point. I’ve got my sampling net ready, and a little sample dish to keep some bugs for comparison at the shop if need be. All set to give it a go this weekend.

    I’ve selected an area of creek that is fairly wide, about 40’ or so. Relatively fast moving, with runs, riffles and pools. About 3’ deep on average. We got a little over a foot of snow this week, and the creek looks just a bit cloudy as of yesterday, running overall pretty clean though. Flow is where it should be this time of year, and probably a little colder due to the snow melt. Tomorrow should be sunny and about 48 degrees for a high, so likely 30 or so in the morning. Sunday partly cloudy and the same temperatures. I think I’m about as prepared and researched as I am gonna get, time to try it out. I know there are fish in this creek, some pretty big ones at that. I caught a 20” now out of it last summer on a streamer, maybe 1/4 mile downstream from the spot I’ve selected. I’m thinking most people don’t fish this spot, because most people around here fish worms and spin gear. Should be some less pressured fish, wild and stickers, in this stretch. Wish me luck!

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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    Now for variables.....out here, we can go to the water first thing and not see anything going on.
    Later it will warm and bugs may start popping....Winter angling is often a high noon affair...
    If ya do the seine early, and don't get a sample, just keep trying every once in a while.
    Passive seining instead of disturbed to find the special.
    Learning to see it turn-on is the important thing......if you are focused on casting and drifting you may not notice the change. This is what I call flogging the water....sometimes (a lot) fewer casts are better....
    stop and look around, you can bet the fish notice changes......
    The more you notice....the better the fisher you are.
    There is a big difference between a generalist fisherman, and a match the hatch guy......
    Getting close matters, and not just throwing them your favorite general fly........
    The other day I showed a client how to dip for bugs, we got 15 midges popping in the net, and nothing else.....sometimes it's an easy decision......

    Have fun....

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    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    Went fishing again, but didn’t do any catching. Didn’t even see but 2 fish all day. Seems like the recent snow, and colder temps have the fish hiding out. I’m sure the water temps are down from the snow melt.

    Not all bad though, got a feel for nymphing, was bouncing the bottom here and there so I figured my depth properly. Got a feel for the way the drift should be, used my bug net and figured what is in there (not good with bug names but they looked like little prince nymphs, and some midge looking bugs.)

    I can see the benefit of a longer rod for this type of fishing. There were definitely times I wanted an extra foot of length to reach out to a promising spot. Was pretty fun overall, don’t think I did anything wrong, just sub par conditions. I’ll get one next time!

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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    Prince nymph is really the most productive one to fish with. If they don't try for that they are not hungry. I tie several different variations and sizes of prince nymphs. standard version is a killer and is really not that hard to tie. Go on youtube or whatever other viewing media you may use and watch some being tied and go nuts. They don't have to be perfect and will still catch fish. use the 5wt and some type of strike indicator especially if the water is deeper. You will catch more fish if you do. Also make sure you are at least close to bottom. Be mindful that trout will spook if they see your shadow, movement, or if you disturb the water to much. Get out there and have some fun.

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    Default Re: School me on nymphs

    And another way to improve you catch rate with nymphs:
    Drop Shot Nymphing with Kelly Galloup
    YouTube 75,000+ views 4/22/2016 HD by TheSlideinn

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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