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    Default Re: Stream tactic question

    Streamer fishing is a blast. I start out by looking things over and reading the water. When casting start close and work your way out. I've been surprised on more then a few occasions working the close water first. My technique with a streamer is casting across and use the strip and pause retrieve. I usually use a floating line with a 7' leader. When the water is up I'll make the switch to a sink tip and decrease my leader length to 18" of 12 pound and a tippit of about a foot of 8 pound flouro.

    Typically your strikes will occur when the streamer is paused in between strips. It's especially a rush to actually see the strike!

    Good Luck & Have Fun!


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    Default Re: Stream tactic question

    Upstream with the sun in your face, NOT skylining or throwing a shadow/spooking the fish. If that don't work, downstream.

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    Default Re: Stream tactic question

    Lots of excellent advice so I will not repeat it but, I would recommend you take some temp readings too. If the weather is still cold the water on the edges may be a couple of degrees warmer than the water in the center of the river or in a spring creek underwater springs may be pushing slightly warmer water in the center of the river and the fish will move toward the slightly warmer water. Depending on the water clarity that water can also be great for sight fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpwhitejr View Post
    I am going to remember those good tips.
    Also, at least one person on this forum highly recommended a book about reading the water, but I can't recall the author.
    Ray Ovington, wrote a book titled "Trout Tactics." One of the best books on learning how to read water. It's out of print but used copies are available through Amazon and other places pretty cheap. Pick one up and pass it on. Roy

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    Default Re: Stream tactic question

    That's a big question. IMO there is no set way to streamer fish. Some fish may want a swing. Others coming straight down current. Others dead drifted while another wants a full strip and a twitch. I usually start with a swing. Seeing the water you where fishing, I would opt to start high and swing. This allows me to fish the pillow. The last thing I do is retrieve straight upstream. What baitfish runs up from behind it's predator? I want that streamer to look injured, struggling against the current, or attempting escape. Mix it up. Best I can answer.

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    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    That's like, basically the classic setup for swung streamer from upstream of the lie. Big fish love to surf the "cushion" in front of mid-stream obstructions.

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