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I mentioned the Provo Bounce Rig in a previous reply. One thing I was not prepared for when moving out west is tailwater rivers managed for agricultural purposes. Common in summer is for river flows to be 4-5 times the fall/winter/spring volume. The fish are there though and they are holding tight to the bottom and feeding on tiny nymphs. The Bounce Rig is the engineered solution to catch these fish... it ain't pretty... it ain't even really fly fishing (more like lob fishing)... but it does work under adverse conditions. May want to have one tied up and stashed away if it turns out the local rivers are your only option.

NOTE: You cannot cast this rig in a conventional method (see article for technique).

Here's what the rig looks like:

Here's an article on the subject written by local guide Larry Tullis (and the creator of the Bounce Rig): http://www.flyfisherman.com/featured/bounce-nymphing/
This is how I start most spin fishermen out using nymphs with the conventional tackle in the larger rivers. Its been a tactic on places like the toilet bowl and other large fast flowing rivers for decades.