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Thread: Shiner pattern fly fishing...

  1. Question Shiner pattern fly fishing...

    I'm finally jumping in the Rocky River tomorrow morning for some Steelheading armed with a bunch of newly tied shiner patterns. Some have dumbell eyes for extra weight and some are not. I never fished shiner/minnow patterns in the river so I guess I'll be swinging them and/or going my usual route with a strike indicator. Any tips on fishing these patterns?


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    I would say across and down with a slight jerk retrieve. But I would also say a sinking line.

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    I fish the vermilion river in ohio and I use bead chain eyes for the weight or dumbell eyes to get deeper down. I use a floating line because the vermilion is like 8 feet deep at most where i fish if that . all my steel have come on clousers. just get a lil upstream of them and cast across and let them swing to them. once swung in front of them give it a couple jerks or twitches and repeat. have had steel chase it 3 feet or so away and kill it this way. hope ya get lucky! keep us posted. try olive/white with pearl flash and red/white with pearl flash. also all white works and blue/white right at dusk or dawn works too.. no need for a indicator with the minnow patterns. you can catch bass gills and carp this way to. no current? just cast across let sink some and and strip um back to ya with lil irratic jerky movements. you will know when you get a bite trust me!
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    Came up with one hit and I didn't get him. Caught two smallmouths, though. I'll try again with the jerk method this week and see what happens. Thanks a lot for the tips. As far as line goes, I have to use floating as well, the RR is only 1-3 feet deep with 5-9 foot holes and runs on an average flowing day. 4 lb flourocarbon tippet in the spring and fall.



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    heres a tip for bass. caught like 8 today. use a brown beadhead bugger. cast into deeper rocky holes let it sink... twitch. sink. twitch. watch the tip of the fly line for the hit and set the hook. have fun! waters very clear at the v so where u are should be too. keep a eye out for feeding bass. I sight casted to 3 bass today. they killed the bugger everytime with just a sink and a few small twitches.. cast to drop off legdes and rocks and deeper holes and also under overhang bush. try the shiner pattern also. bet it will work too. also try a olive bugger. still a lil early at the v for steel. very hot today and very low water.
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    I'm done. I'm back to my Wooly Buggers, Egg patterns and Beadheads. For some reason I can't get a Steelie to hit my baitfish patterns! I'm not too aggrivated but I tied some beauties that when in the water they really look like the shiners. I'll definately use all the clousers and shiners in the summer on Bass and Perch but I spent 2 weeks trying to get a trout and it didn't work out.


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    hey snaggy don't give up! get a variety pack of bucktail and tie up lots of colors. sometimes you have to find the right color.
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    I'll try again sometime but my beaded buggers and nymphs are working great now, considering the shallowness of the river. Four hook ups (Three threw the hook and one jumped completely out of the water and snapped my fault...I was in a hurry and I tied a garbage knot between the tippet and leader. I should have taken my time and tied my usual blood or double barrel knot). I'll let you know if I ever get one with a shiner pattern. Let it rain!!!


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    Yeah, save em for when you can tell something is chaseing shinners. Sometimes steelhead can act like trout (imagine that!) and be real finiky on what the eat.

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    by all means keep using whats working. I knwo the steel will start to chase shiners pretty soon. last year about this time the shiners came in and the steel were chasing um like crazy. you could see hundreds all fly out of the water trying to escape.
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