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Thread: favorite dry fly for trout?

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    I fish a lot of sparkle duns/x caddis- easy to tie, inexpensive materials and pretty productive for slower water. You can imitate a lot of hatches by just varying body color and size.

    For fast water I like the Wulffs too, favorite is the Ausable Wulff for out here in the east.

    But I like fishing Variants the most. Beautiful, simple, delicate design. There's just something about concentrating and skittering one across the surface then getting a savage strike that scares the stuffing out of you. Just thinking of it brings back a lot of memories, so thanks for that.


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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Quote Originally Posted by chithanh119 View Post
    Just wondering what everyone's favorite dry fly for trout is, specifically brown trout mine is a adams wulff, not talking during a specific hatch just overall the best fly you have had success with.
    Without a doubt: parachute Adams, in sizes #14-20. Second favorite; Tan elk hair caddis in sizes #14-16. Third favorite.................

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    My favorite DRY is the Cripple. It can imitate so many different flies.
    PLUS a little tug and it becomes an emerger.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    The Usual is my go to fly. Can be fished dry(dun), emerger and even a pupae. In size 12 to 18. I tie it in different shades and I add ribbing. It's quick and easy to tie. Close second is the Adams.

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    I have to say without a doubt the "skwala" fly pattern! Its the intimation of a stone fly in the early spring in western Montana. The key is its success is to fish with it on the surface. I was introduced to this pattern by a friend many years ago,yet it took just as many before I had the opportunity to fish it. A true experience of dry fly fishing! I shall post pictures of three dry patterns in my album.
    Tight lines & release!

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Tough question. I have 3 favorites, Adams, either Para or Catskill tie 16-18, Deer hair Caddis 14-18, & a floating Ant 12-18.

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    Royal Wulff, Griffith's Gnat, EHC, Bivisible - if I had to choose one, it would be an Elk Hair Caddis, if only for the memory of that first trout on a dry.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    This is so dependent on where you fish and what time of the year.

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    True Old Man, but there are those flies that JUST WORK anywhere and anytime. Of course fishing year round you learn what is more effective certain times of the year.
    Like Idaho, BLACK stoneflies and BIG ONES, where in Utah it is more GOLDEN. Sure there are both in both places, but more obvious in both states. I know that is a nymph, but just an example.
    I think CADDIS, BWO, PMD, and DRAKES are a safe bet no matter where you are.
    OH, and don't forget the Mothersday Hatch LOL

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    True popular flies will work on most waters. However, the black Elk Hair Caddis is more effective on the Arkansas River. Another color will work, but not as well, and it would be foolish to use it.

    Another example would be the Royal Wulff. A great fly that catches a ton of fish, but if you used it in the middle of winter it wouldn't work on my waters.

    There's certain eastern popular flies that work great there, and aren't not good on western waters.

    My only point is, we all have our favorite flies, because they work for us on where we fish them, and what time of year we use them.

    It's interesting to see what we all like for flies, but it doesn't mean they'll work for everybody.

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