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  1. Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Hey All My name's Dennis and this is my first post here on this site. I've been lurking here for a little while and have had a lot of questions answered that way! Hopefully I'll be learning a heck of a lot more now. I live in Idaho "My little Nirvana of Trout fishing". I'm a novice and plan on staying that way! LOL And I've just picked up a new weapon for the up coming season. I just got a St. Croix, Reign Series, 7'-6" 4 piece 4 wt. with a Sth 1.5 reel. I can't wait to start field testing it! Now as to the question of my favorite Dry Fly. I've had most of my luck with the Westslope Cutthroat on a #12 Stimulator in either orange or yellow. Other that that I like the Para Adams. Thanks again and I look forward to a great experience here on the NA FF Forum.

    Dennis in Idaho

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    Welcome Dennis from Idaho. You say Southwestern....Like where? I grew up in Glenn's Ferry.

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    I'll go with a style instead of one pattern and say my favorite mayfly is a cdc comparadun tied in whatever size and color is hatching at the time. My second favorite dry would be an Elk hair caddis and #3 would be a black foam beetle. Beetles have always been the most productive terrestrial for me.

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    Thanks for the shout out Joni. I'm in Nampa. I know you know where that's at but for the sake of the others Nampa is about 12 miles west of Boise and around 35 miles east of the Oregon state line.

    Dennis in Idaho

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    I have found that the sierra dot in a size 18-22 is a great fly as the second fly in a double dry rig. I have caught more fish on this small dry then any other on the Taylor, Gunnison, East and all the smaller creeks around CB. If you've never tried it, you won't be disappointed.

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