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Thread: favorite dry fly for trout?

  1. Default favorite dry fly for trout?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite dry fly for trout is, specifically brown trout mine is a adams wulff, not talking during a specific hatch just overall the best fly you have had success with.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Specifly brown, could not tell ya as I have not caught on on top. All down low. But for trout in general it would be a toss up between a #16 BWO and a #14 para Adams.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    i usually fish streams and small rivers in the sierra of california and like today, will catch browns, as well as rainbows (and brook in other places) on top with standard dries. royal wulffs, para adams, BWOs, humpies, para black ants, and my fave an elk hair caddis or other variations of dry caddis flies. for bigger browns, i go deeper with subsurface flies, not dries... though in the fall have landed big browns on small dries.

    fresno, ca.

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    It's hard to give a favorite. It depends on the water.

    For the Arkansas River it's an Elk hair Caddis on top and a Pheasant Tail below.

    Favorite is probably a Royal Wulff. It's caught fish everywhere for me when nothing else will work.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Like Gramps says...."It depends...."

    My most productive is probably a Griffith's Gnat
    Lately, I've been prospecting almost exclusively with a Royal Coachman and have been doing very well.
    But my favorite has to be the Usual
    Buggy, high floater, no hackle, one single material.
    Could be a mayfly, could be a terrestrial....covers a lot of bases
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    My favorite to fish with is a salmonfly. Have to love size 4-6 dry flys.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    I agree with OldMan- it depends on the water.

    I've thought about what makes a favorite fly a favorite fly for me, and it comes down to the materials. I tie a few variations of a brown deer hair caddis using coastal deer hair, and I would have to choose this as my top dry for trout in general.

    I think the deer hair is the key here for many top water flies- which I would call "variations of deer hair," including the caddis, humpies, sparkle duns, hairwing duns, wulffs, stoneflies, and hoppers, etc.

    Now, of course, there's grizzly and brown hackle, which are also used in many of the flies mentioned above, so it's hard to factor these out, especially when you think of a fly as effective as an Adams. If I had to choose a favorite hackle, I would pick the grizzly.

    This brings me to my second favorite fly (not that you asked)- the Griffith's Gnat. Again, it's really a favorite in terms of material, because I think of many other flies, including the adams, parachutes, and some nymphs and even some buggers as a "variation of hackle."

    Just some food for thought. Sorry for the long-winded nature of my response.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Not only the water, but i should have mentioned the time of year too.

    We might have favorite flies, but we sure can't use them all the time.

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    One off my most successful drys is the Grey duster its an easy tye too. Browns love it ,as it dosn,t imatate any particular fly but gives a genarall year round interest to the fish.

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    Default Re: favorite dry fly for trout?

    Size !8/or 20 Blue Quill with real mallard wings. Any Time any where, Newfoundland to Alaska.

    Especially effective during a hatch of larger may flies. Even works here on the Kenai River for Dollies.

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