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Thread: Fall is here!

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    figured I'd take a few pix of the fall scenery at the great lakes tribs!! anyone have some of there own? this only means one thing! steelhead time is upon us!!!!

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    Nice pics. It sure is beautiful fishing down there in the Fall. Is that Vermillion? Reminds me of my Rocky River.



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    Beautiful! Thanks so much,


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    Nice photos of the fall colors! Great work, and thanks for sharing.
    The leaves around Laramie and the surrounding mtns are almost all gone. I went to Denver yesterday and there is still some great color at lower elevations, but we have a cold front with snow forecast so the leaves won't last much longer.


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    Very nice shots! I love fall and spring! God shows his Art work in the Spring and Fall........

    Hello all! I've been looking for a flyfishing forum.........

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    Here's some color from Pa.
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    Nice pics McFly! I tied up a bunch of flies to use up there and then my dog had to have surgery and now I can't afford the gas, so maybe spring I might get up there.

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    I saw it first hand. I live up there and it was absolutley breathtaking. The only problem was tons of people and no fish. But hey, what's to complain about when there is such beauty around. Say, George is the first pic at 18 mile creek?

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    ya I seen the leaves and all the awesome colors and had to take some pix. will go again monday maybe but I don't know how the leaves will be then. we are getting soem rain so hopefully it will bring some more steelies in. no thats not 18 mile creek never been there before. thats the vermilion. I never been to the rocky yet either.
    twospots sorry to hear that about your dog.. but on the bright side I like the spring better. more steelies on my river then. hey pdq those are soem ncie pix! and a nice fish too! I will keep you guys posted. I might take my 7wt out next time and see if i can get me a fresh run steelie.
    "Hey, you.Get your damn hands off my herl !!!!"

    owner of the GL Fishing Forum.

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    Wonderful pix! But just like around here, the water is all but dried up!
    When the few steelheads arrive, there are way too many people "snagging" in those tiny creeks.
    Let's not pretend........ everyone snags the only fish that are caught! Even the flyrodders use a strike indicator to put the fly 2" off the bottom. They cast over and over again where the fish are hiding and when the hook gets near the mouth, they set the hook and pretend the steelie ate the fly!! LOL
    Years ago it was a beautiful thing, now it brings tears to my eyes everytime I fish the Erie tribs!
    But the loss of chlorophyll makes the trees look spectacular. I personally like the spring better. The start of life is better than the death. The new small green leaves are better looking than the dying fall colors........ IMHO!

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