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  1. Default What's your Steelhead set up?

    Tis the season! Finally got one in on Sunday. I was throwing out a Wooly Bugger/egg omlette and got a 24 incher on the Bugger (caught some nice Smallmouths on the egg, kind of suprised me) I want to know a "What's in your wallet?" sort of thing. Rods, lines, flies, techniques, etc.

    Here's what I'm doing in the Rocky...
    9' 8W rod.
    Floating line.
    4 or 5X leader.
    4 lb. Berkley tippet (I'm ready to write Berkley a letter on this, It's definately the best 4 lb. flourocarbon line I've ever used)
    Small Thill egg shaped indicator.
    Brown/Olive or Black Wooly Buggers (Size 10) with Orange or pink egg pattern omlette. (Size 12)
    Beaded Nypmphs (Sizes 10-14)
    Shiner Patterns (which I recently gave up on) (Size 8-10)
    Size 7-4 shot (if any) depending on the current.

    So let me know what's working for you. I would like to try some different things this season and am looking for some input. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  2. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    7wt custom matrix and orvis mid arbor battenkill IV reel with scientific angler mastery steelhead line or my 8wt cabelas st john combo
    homemade leader of 2 feet to 1 1/2ft of 25lb/20lb/15lb/10/lb rio mono blood knotted together then a super small barrel swivel improved clinched with 2ft or so of 8lb or 6lb vanish flourocarbon improve clinched.. should come out to around 9 feet.
    I like to use clousers size 6,8,or 10 in olive/white and red.white but use other colors as well. also have buggers and although I never been lucky on eggs I have glo eggs and sucker spawns size 10 to 14 in all the basic colors. indicators and split shots. I also have nymphs. stoneflys and pt's and gold ribbed hares ears etc.
    this is my set up when out for the steel. I am new at steelie fishing but have caught 4 or so last spring. can't wait to get out and try in a few days! we got some rain tonight with ice so it might produce a decent run.
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    Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    this early in the season I concentrate on buggers, stoneflys, and streamers... A little later in the season I like to tie on a couple splitshot then about 4 or 5 feet down I run an egg patern and trail that with a stonefly. I use a 5 wt which some people think is a little light for steel but, I like it, it just takes a little finesse and some patience.

  4. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    5 Weight's great! I started with that and now use an 8. The only advantage is the fighting butt comes in handy when you have to knock away some of these idiots that want to stand right behind you and fish your spot and the 8 weight line seems to cast a lot better in this nasty Ohio winter wind. Thinking about it, I miss my first rod. Built it myself. Left it laying around for my 3 year old to find. Need I say more. sniff sniff


  5. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    I almost hooked into one on my 5 wt tfo last time out. would of been a blast I bet!
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  6. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    • 9' 8WT
    • Floating Line
    • "Homemade" Tapered Florocarbon Leader
    • Couple of NON TOXIC Slip Shot -Adjusted to depth and current
    • Egg Sucking Leech -Color dependent on conditions

    I am temporarily banishing floats from the box. They just end up irritating me.

  7. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    I am not one for indicators either! I tried eggs and spawn all fall and winter usinga float and split shot bouncing the egg/spawn on the bottom like they say even with natural drift because the indicators I have tell you when you got natural drift and still no steelhead!! only chubs...... then I try out a bugger and clouser and they killed um and I never looked back. I guess in the winter tho you need some smaller stuff like stonefly nymphs so I will keep a few in the vest just in case
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  8. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    The pros and cons of indicatiors go on and on. I think I'm getting more hook ups with one on but sometimes there will be one on before I see the stupid thing move any differently. It's tough to feel em' sometimes and it depends on what I'm thowing at them...and the water flow...and if I remembered to put it on before tying the fly to the tippet, etc. etc. One thing I'll never do again is attempt to use sink tip line. Man, that sucked! The water in the tribs never gets high enough for it's intended use. I cut it in half and all it did was sink fast (which it was supposed to) and then wrap around rocks, branches, tires, whatever was on the bottom. It was horrible.


  9. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    ya i would use sink tip on the lake in a boat before I would in the tribs. I use a floating weight forward line. I heard a tip to paint your indicators white so they looke like air bubbles or something instead of being all flouro colors and spooking the fish. never tried it tho. I use them only if i nymph or use eggs flies. my fav way to fish tho is using streamer patterns
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  10. Default Re: What's your Steelhead set up?

    I've never fished for Steelhead before, but I put together a combo Steelie/light Salmon rig that I hope will work this weekend on the Clackamas and possibly Eagle Creek. I've only done some light trouting with dry flies, this bigger stuff it totally new to me.

    9' 8/9wt
    SA Wet Tip Type V WF-8 sinking tip
    4' 10lb sinking leader

    Gonna start with a #4 Clouser and move to a Deceiver and maybe some day-glo streamers if the first 2 don't get their attention.

    Should the sinking tip on a F/S line be trimmed back? It seems awfully long.

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