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    Default What Time Is It?

    Adventure time! This is just what Me, Dad, and my little brother did yesterday on my undesignated stream. We fished the upper reaches of and caught maybe 15 fish in all. A nice collection of bows and brookies. Dad was extremely skeptical until the little brother pulled an 8.5 inch brookie from an unecpecting hole. Heres a few of the fish we caught, enjoy.

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    Default Re: What Time Is It?

    The pink weenie strikes again!!! very nice pics.

    I was creekin' for wilds on Sunday and the only fly that was close to getting a strike was the pink weenie. Thanks for turning my on to that fly, I'm turning into a believer.
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    Default Re: What Time Is It?

    Chris: Nice work on some beautiful trout! Thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: What Time Is It?

    Love the looks of those Brookies. The Pink Weenie matches some of the spots.
    I used a Pink Weenie last Sat. but didn't do as well as you.

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    Default Re: What Time Is It?


    You have a nice little place there,


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    Nothing like little wild brookies on light gear!
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