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    Hello to all the people:I would like to know in this post what people think about chilean fly fishing or fishing in Coyhaique mi home town,i was born here,and now many people are coming every year for flyfishing,i belong to a family wich there best time are been around boats and trouts,my uncle eduardo had an award from the ABU many years ago,he cought a 25 pound trout.And his son is one of the best flyfishing-local guide.Very well know from anglers from many countries.
    Fishing is great in this latitudes ,if some one needs help and contacts in Coyhaique,I can give you a hand.


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    Welcome! Coyhaique looks like an amazing place to visit (and fish).

    ¡Usted es pescador afortunado!

    I hope that the global economic problems do not affect you too much.

    Take care.

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    Default Re: Chilean trouts? best fishing local guides.Coyhaique

    Hi Rodrigo,

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your offer to help out anyone wanted to fish your area. I hope you keep posting on our forum. Are you able to post pictures of the local rivers and lakes?


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    Default Re: Chilean trouts? best fishing local guides.Coyhaique

    Nice to hear from Chile. Good timing, Rodrigo. Just last week I had pulled my notes from a previous trip (Rio Nilahue and Rio Calcurrupe) and thinking about a trip south this January. Our son-in-law will be competing (as navigator) in the "Dakar" Rally and we are thinking of making a trip to Argentina and Chile at the time.

    I'll tag this forum thread for future reference.

    Allen R
    Snake River Plain

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    Hola Rodrigo,

    En mi opinion, el pescando en coyhaique es uno del mejor en el mundo !!! He pescado en Coyhaique dos veces en el ultimo dos anos y espero que puedo regresar en marzo, 2009. Las montanas, rios y lagos con agua clarisimo y lleno con arco iris y farrios ... impresionante.

    Vives en un lugar muy especial ...

    In my opinion, the fishing in Coyhaique is one of the best in the world. I have fished in Coyhaique twice in the past two years and hope that I can return in March 2009. The mountains, rivers and lakes with very clear water and full of rainbow and brown trout ... impressive.

    You live in a very special place.
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    Hello: This place is located near Cerro Castillo,Las ardillas lake a great place for fly fishing.A small lake,this is the only cabin in the lake,and belongs to my uncle.
    About fishing is true,coyhaique is one of the best places in the world for flyfishing,and what people loves about chileans is the people.Many people from other countries are coming here and they stay here,buying properties and having a place to live or spend the fishing season.
    Food is very good,but you got to now where to go,because not many people speaks english.(i lived before in california for 6 years driving a cab in LA,pasadena area).
    My mail is,in case someone wants to fish or visit the area.

    Bye !!
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    She is Lorena my girlfriend,and her first troud .

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    The picture was taken at Lago Tamango, Dec 13, 2008, just a few miles miles from Lago Las Ardillas. We actually fished Las Ardillas the day before ... I know the cabin in the picture. We camped at the opposite end of the lake and were treated to one of the best meals that I've had in years ... Cordero al palo (thanks to Claudio). We fished with two guides ... Ivan Toro (who I fished with last year) and Carlos Dinamarca ... two fantastic guides.

    I am Canadian but currently living in Lima, Peru. I am regularly in Chile and I plan to come to Coyhaique at least once more before the end of this fishing season, hopefully twice. I'll send you an e-mail next time that I'm in Coyhaique.

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    What a small world!!! I am a very good friend of Carlos Dinamarca.A great guide.You might now Tolín,hes family owns the cabin in Las Ardillas.
    So you know how fishing is in Coyhaique.For now i am up north in chile(valparaíso)near the capital at my parents house,but i am returning very soon after i recover,i had an accident in coyhaique,and i was taken to Santiago..i was 2 month in the hospital,but now i am good,i am a lucky gay,mi shop was in a fire,and i was inside.i burn my body and mi lungs specially,was taken in a ambulance plane to Santiago for a better hospital, i am alive and almost ready to start mi business again in coyhaique.
    Is nice to be able to comeback in shape to one of the most beautifull places in this world,La Patagonia,places like this let us meet people from many,many countries,nice people.Some of them bought places and have privilege to come back any time they like.some live here and married a coyhaiquina and start thier familys....
    In a couple weeks i am returning to coyhaique ,driving to,it about 2.400 kms,crossing alf of chile and the rest through Argentina,if some one like to join me in this trip,you are welcome and also an extra fishing pole to share,because mine is burnt anfortunely.
    Happy new Year !!!!

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