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    Default Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Has anyone tried the Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody? Thoughts?

    Hang Tight! Routing to checkout...

    Looking for a hoody jacket to wear under Simms Goretex Guide Jacket for cool/cold weather fishing. Thoughts on the above or your favorite jacket are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    That looks like an awesome cold weather jacket, but I would want to try one first before buying, but I live in a small town so that isn't happening.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Nowadays you can order and try on and send back if it doesn’t fit.

    I do that a lot.

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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Other than the fly box pockets what makes this more suited for fishing than any other winter jacket? Looks too long to wear on the outside of your waders. I have a few down jackets in varying levels puffiness that I wear under my waders and I put my rain jacket over it, so I can't really use the pockets anyway.

    My favorite is the Fjallräven down. Very durable and warm, but pricey. You can wear it even when your not fishing.

    I don't hardly put my hands in the water when fishing in the cold, and Even more rarely past the cuff, but my wading jacket seals around my wrists and it sounds like yours does too. Save some money and wear any old winter jacket!

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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Thank you for your reply. I like down jackets and vests as well and have used them in the past.

    I think this is just a follow up version of a number of puffy jackets made by Patagonia. This one has a tougher outer shell to avoid holes in the jacket from brush, fly hooks etc, fly box pockets and water proof finish inside the arms.Breathable capilene interior. Depending on the weather this could be an insulation layer or exterior layer in a layering system.

    ( video per patagonia) YouTube

    (video per Anglers ALL)

    I think the patagonia nano puff jacket is several versions back and got this line started.
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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    I have been a Gearhead for a very long time. Sold gear for big mnt alpine climbing, skiing, heavy snow living, camping year round at elevation, and fishing etc.....I have been battling cold all my life. I drive Cats in winter moving snow am out in the stuff at the worst of times. I have access to any brand of clothing I want as a professional.
    There is no jacket I have ever liked more than my puffy hoody. The next jacket I get, will be the Tuffy puffy...the original was caught on anything......the new model will not.....
    They are a great under layer because it slides against the outer layer so well you have great movement.
    I have soaked my arm netting a fish in freezing conditions. I just rung it out and kept won't do that with goose down. Not totally wind proof, so without and outer shell it is good for moving about without overheating.....and, it packs down to fist sized, so you don't leave it behind.
    Best ever rating!!!!!

    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Just wanted to follow up with this thread.

    I drove 2 hours to a flyshop today that had the tuff puff hoody in stock. My first impressions are it runs about a size larger than some of Patagonia's other products such as the down sweater and nano puff hoody for size reference.The arms seemed a bit longer by about 2" (mine are short at 32-33"). It seems like a nice jacket and may be a bit longer in the body as well. I tried the hood on without a ball cap on and it seemed to kind of get in my eyes or drop down a bit. I don't think there was a hood adjustment. After I left the store I was wishing I had a hat on. I think it is probably a decent jacket especially since it is on sale for $179 compared to $300 list price. It is probably one of a number of jackets to consider. I'm frugal. At $150 would be a buy point for me.

    A second hoody that I read about and did look at today at a separate shop is the Sitka Fanatic Hoody. Unfortunately they did not have my size. My impressions... light, soft grid fleece fabric,liked the mask. For a dedicated piece for flyfishing clothing only this could be a good option if you like a hoody. The built in mask seems like a great idea. Nice article below.

    Both the jackets below have a bit nicer/dressier look than the above hoody's. They can do double duty on and off the stream. They both do not have a hoody which for me I think I like better. Others may prefer the hood.

    What struck my fancy today was the Simms Midstream Jacket. Very comfortable and warm. Inside of arms has a slick material which i like so your arms slide in easily. I wore this under a Simms G3 guide jacket in the store and it was an awesome combination. Both jackets slide easily so casting will be a breeze. This Midstream jacket from Simms comes in a vest as well. The length of both the above came an inch or two under my belt. The arms of the XL and XXL fit my 32-33" arms fine.
    SIMMS Midstream Insulated Jacket | SIMMS Fishing Products

    The second item I liked real well was an older model jacket the Patagonia Nano Puff. It's warm and very slick as well. Length of body is a bit longer than the Simms Midstream Jacket. Maybe 3-4" below my belt.
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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    I've never had anything Patagonia I didn't like. Its always very well made and very well designed. Everything is built to last. The only exception for me is a pair of original Flats Wading Pants where the elastic in the waist wore out after about 5 years. I have to use the draw string now, and a belt, or else... well, my pants fall down! I have several Patagonia items that are so old they say, "Made in USA." That's pretty old. Still going strong.


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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Hey all - I've got about a month - a very harsh month here in MN this Feb - in my new half-price one. Actually almost free; I live close to a patagucci store so hit them heavy with my old Patagonia gear trade-ins on The Worn Wear program. (About a grand last year, I saved all my great gear over the years but my airman son shot right through my sizes except ... Fit, so I had 30 years of climbing, skiing and backcountry gear to dump) - check it out, great program. You net out about like eBay, with their ever increasing fees...anyway...

    I have the nano storm, which is an even tougher tough puff, but a full on parka, and the Tough Puff reminds me of that. I have not fished in it yet. It is large for label; I am a classic large and should have done med. I don't mind the room, but beneath a fitted shell it could feel tight. Differences to the nano Storm would be that it is a more breathable, but less waterproof shell. It breathes, yet cuts the chill. Very, very comfy and cozy.

    The arms are long, but tuck in at a natural break point for gloves or just less bulk. Sometimes I tuck them, sometimes not. Pockets are huge but lie flat; substantial hand warmer pockets as well; bottom hem drawcords self lock and terminate in the pocket. The outer fabric does grab lint and pudelpointer hair, but everything just sluffs off under hand.

    It has become my grab and go jacket. Today, 4 Deg and 20 mph wind and I was fine running errands. I actually leave the hood on once in a cold car, the fit is perfect and no vision impairment. Like the nano storm, it sits high on your head. I slide a hand down the back of my neck, almost like the Fonz, and that settles it in. They do that to accommodate climbing helmets, but these hoods don't accommodate ski lids.

    I have way too many jackets, too much of everything, but would consider this about the pick of the litter. You can leave on inside, and go out to 0 with a stout wind. And, of course as with any Patagonia product, you can find it at half price, wear it for 20 years, and sell it for what you paid.

    Stealth runner up hoody? The nomad Duo Down. At 11 oz., it's in my elk pack. About 150 retail, shop it and you can get it for 112 or so.

    The Nomad harvester glove is the best soft shell glove I've found. 75 retail, I paid 12, still some on eBay for 25 or so.
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    Default Re: Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody

    Mine isn't holding up. Between the daily wear and tear from commuting on the train and some light errands around the garage its starting to show. Any small burr will snag a thread and leave marks all over the jacket. I work right down the street from them and I'm sure they will make it right. Love the company branding. Just need a "Tough" jacket that is a bit tougher.

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